Podcast 420 – Bad Syntax & The Drunken DJ [Sponsored by Adam Audio]

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Hello everybody, we are BACK! and what a week we have in store for you! The last Thursday of every month is now a MASSIVE raid train, including my weekly broadcast, so if youre around you should make sure to check those out! The Drunken DJ is in the guest mix with some awesome tunes, and we are celebrating the new GILAS EP on Abducted LTD that just dropped TODAY!

Gilas – Dimensional Barrier EP ft Niko Mate & Christ OUT NOW!

Stream / Download: https://abductedltd.fanlink.to/altd101

We welcome in 2023 with a huge release by an artist we have been chasing after for quite some time, GILAS! These tunes walk the line between heavy and deep, and are sure to be stand outs in any sets.

Support from Noisia, Evol Intent, Chris.Su, Shortee, Aphrodite and More!

This Episode is sponsored by Adam Audio!

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

  1. Gilas & Niko Mate – Dimensional Barrier [Abducted LTD – OUT TODAY!]
  2. Prolix & DC Breaks – Beat down (Black Sun Empire RMX) [Blackout]
  3. Toronto is Broken & Aktive ft Christina Rotondo – Letters Goodbye (MV RMX) [Fixt]
  4. Burr Oak – Ring the Death Knell [Eatbrain]
  5. Dropset – Disciple [Cause 4 Concern]
  6. Sitri – Devastator [Neuropunk]
  7. Gilas & Christ – Hurricane [Abducted LTD – OUT TODAY!]
  8. Prolix & Black Sun Empire ft Virus Syndicate – Savages (Finalfix RMX) [Blackout]
  9. Kaizen Flow & Venshu – Resistance [In the Lab]
  10. Ekwols – Nervous [Evolution Chamber]
  11. Toronto is Broken ft Bvlvnce – Paragons (Zardonic RMX) [Fixt]
  12. Irontype – Cycle [High Resistance]
  13. Shrike & Impex – The Queen [Abducted LTD]
  14. Toronto is Broken ft Amy Kirkpatrick – Between Planes (Lateral RMX) [Fixt]
  15. I.CU – Unleashed [Korsakov]
  16. Sitri – Ghetto Lazers [Neuropunk]
  17. Airglo – Sandstorm [Device]
  18. Mob Tactics – Gravedigger [Eatbrain]
  19. Traced ft Kryptomedic – No Where to Run [Abducted LTD]
  20. Smooth – Circus [Evolution Chamber]
  21. Vici – Egotic [Sinful Maze]
  22. PrayOneMe – Recollect [Close2Death]
  23. Psidream – Crash Course [Circulation]
  24. SUUNE & Catch-22 – Dreams [Surveillance]
  25. Gilas – Soul Strike [Abducted LTD – OUT TODAY!]
  26. Saint Rider – Plex [High Resistance]
  27. VovKing – Kilohertz [Nemesis]
  28. Skulpt – Wake Up [Sinful Maze]
  29. Osprey – Lorem Ipsum [Delta9]
  30. Current Value – Life of its Own [Vision]
  31. Shayper – Karan [Abducted LTD]
  32. Skulpt – Mission Chaos [Sinful Maze]
  33. TR Tactics & Phentix – Convergence [Blackout]
  34. Prolix – Slob (Mob Tactics RMX) [Blackout]
  35. Prolix & Malux ft She Koro – Who Knows (Audio RMX) [Blackout]
  36. Venshu – Gateway Dimension [Expedite]
  37. Toronto is Broken – Energy (L Plus RMX) [Fixt]
  38. Skulpt – Signal [Sinful Maze]
  39. Gilas & Niko Mate – Critical Wound [Abducted LTD – OUT TODAY!]

“Bad Tunes” of the week – Follow on Spotify

  1. SUUNE & Catch-22 – Dreams [Surveillance]
  2. TR Tactics & Mean Teeth – Hellraiser [Blackout]
  3. Double Medley – Birth of Light [Paperfunk]
  4. Hystatus ft Skurrow – Guess Who [Delta9]
  5. Airglo – Sandstorm [DeVice]

The Drunken DJ Tracklist

  1. Exept & Disprove – XXX (OZOH Remix) – Delta9

  2. Krak’N – Renegade – Abducted Ltd

  3. Mizo – Mechanical Paw  – Neuropunk

  4. Manta & Screamarts – Confusion  – Bad Taste Recordings

  5. Gridlok & Dieselboy – MDMX – Project 51

  6. Highthere & Smeerlapp – The Komodo Dragon – Hanzom Music

  7. Mampi Swift – Rattle (Original Mix) – Charge Recordings

  8. Bl4ck Owlz – Geddo Fonk  – Bad Taste Recordings

  9. Enei – The Hammer  – Critical

  10. Tobax & Dextems – Kupola  – Cause4Concern

  11. Gydra – Knives – Neuropunk

  12. Perplex – Move Like This (Original Mix) – YANA

  13. Ripple & Neonlight – Goin’ Hard – Ripple Ltd

  14. Subsonic – Interdance (Original Mix) – Sleepless Music

  15. Telekinesis – P1kachu – Blackout NL

  16. Mr Frankie & Audio – Bass Symptom (Audio remix) – Blackout NL

  17. Transforma & Dropset  – Warpath – Korsakov Music

  18. Optiv & Cza- Cell Dweller (Myselor remix)  – Cause4Concern

  19. Tanzor & Dreaman – Maybe Shield (Original Mix) – Neuropunk

  20. Current Value & Dauntless – Armour Piercing (Original Mix) – Cause4Concern

  21. Highthere – AC130 – Hanzom Music

  22. Tobax – Crazy Train (Original Mix) – Shell Shock Recordings

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