Podcast 428 – Bad Syntax & Ince [Sponsored by Adam Audio]

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Mixes, Podcast

ITS TIME! First off I want to send a massive thank you to everyone who ventured out for my Salt Lake City debut, what an amazing venue and the sound was bone shattering, I loved it!

This week we have INCE in the guest mix promoting the latest release from Root 97, and you know what that means. An extra double Neuroy Neuro sesh to get you through the weekend! Lock it in, and lets get it moving!

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

  1. Sinister Souls – Reaper [Abducted LTD]
  2. Submonitor – Right Now [Blackout]
  3. 3xil3 – Outblow [Neuropunk]
  4. Traced & Konquest – Energize [C4C LTD]
  5. Esym – As We Fall [Neuroheadz]
  6. Paperclip & 3xil3 – Grendizer [Paperfunk]
  7. Liveon – All Along the Way [Abducted LTD]
  8. Stonx – Wikkid World [Neuroheadz]
  9. A-Cray & Absu_NTQL – Anvil [Blackout]
  10. 3xil3 – Galaad [Neuropunk]
  11. Acaled & Naked – Whats Up [SLK]
  12. Traced – TimeCycles [C4C LTD]
  13. Momentum – Captured [Abducted LTD]
  14. Tremr – Afterglow [Neuroheadz]
  15. Vici – The Silent Killer [Blackout]
  16. Traced – Inside the Machine [C4C LTD]
  17. Prolix & DC Breaks – Beat Down (BSE RMX) [Blackout]
  18. Aznok & Gilas – Caravan [Shell Shock]
  19. Sindicate – Stranger [Abducted LTD]
  20. Screamarts & Burr Oak – On the Other Side [Eatbrain]
  21. Exept – Crystal Hammer [Blackout]
  22. Dialective – Creature [Abducted LTD]
  23. Acaled – Vibe City [SLK]
  24. Sola ft Stuat Rowe – In the Air [Korsakov]
  25. Gilas & Niko Mate – Dimensional Barrier [Abducted LTD]
  26. Jestah – Knucklehead [Neuroheadz]
  27. Rene LaVice & Chords – Set Pace [DeVice]
  28. Ashflo – Fist Thrower [Patrol the Skies]
  29. Proton Kid – Ticking Bomb [GIIDUP]
  30. Falcon – Evolve [Blackout]
  31. Blast – Make it Right [Abducted LTD]
  32. Ephyum & Myselor – Apocryphal [Blackout]
  33. Traced – Extraction Point [C4C LTD]
  34. The Fi5th – Payload [Neuroheadz]
  35. Paperclip & 3xil3 – Burr [Paperfunk]
  36. Teddy Killerz – Untitled 6 [Neuropunk]
  37. Traced – Code Breaker [C4C LTD]
  38. Sindicate – Criminal [Abducted LTD]

“Bad Tunes” of the week: Follow on Spotify http://bit.ly/badtunes

  1. Sola & Tengu – Scorched Earth [Korsakov]
  2. Brain – Altered Zone [T3K]
  3. Corrupted Mind – Installation [Yana]
  4. BSE & Burr Oak – Steppenwolf [Blackout]
  5. Rene LaVice & Chords – Set Pace [DeVice]
  6. Sound Priest – Automatic [Neuropunk]
  7. Acaled & Naked – Whats Up [SLK]
  8. Basys – Game Over [Root 97]
  9. Matec – Boundary [EP022]

  Ince Tracklist

  1. BaSys – Vengeance 12
  2. Sulfur (Original Mix) Audio [Unsocial] RAM Records
  3. The Prophecy (Original Mix) Finalfix Hope Is Lost Blackout Music NL
  4. WINTER SOL- 9-10-22
  5. Oni (Original Mix) Current Value, Screamarts Voltcount Eatbrain
  6. BaSys – Game Over V8
  7. Flow (Original Mix) Aye Rights Cephalopod Root 97
  8. BaSys & Wik Sha – Meganeura
  9. Maniac (Original Mix) Prolix Zombies / Maniac Eatbrain
  10. Hellraiser (Original Mix) TR Tactics, Mean Teeth Hellraiser / Convergence Blackout Music NL
  11. Ring The Death Knell (Original Mix) Burr Oak Ring The Death Knell Eatbrain
  12. Zombies (Original Mix) Prolix Zombies / Maniac Eatbrain
  13. LD50 (Original Mix) Stonx 100 Abducted LTD
  14. Cut the Midrange (Original Mix) Rido Blackout: Best of 2016 (Mixed by Black Sun Empire) Blackout Music NL
  15. Pararampam (Original Mix) Agressor Bunx Eatbrain: 2018 – Compilation Eatbrain
  16. 20mg (ReFix) Foks 20mg (ReFix) Neuroheadz
  17. Crazy Train (Original Mix) Tobax Crazy Train Shell Shock Recordings
  18. Caterpillar (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) Black Sun Empire, State Of Mind Blackout: Best Of 2018 Blackout Music NL
  19. Time Paradox (Original Mix) TR Tactics, Dropset Obsession EP Hanzom Music
  20. Sound Of The Underground (Original Mix) Fourward Dangerous Waste Product / Sound Of The Underground Eatbrain
  21. I.D. – BrainRave Music
  22. Knives (Original Mix) Gydra Junk Box Neuropunk Records
  23. Primitive Terror (Original Mix) Stonx Primitive Terror Neuroheadz
  24. Drop Bombs (Redpill Remix) Prolix, Redpill Murder Mile Remixed Blackout Music NL
  25. Ikra (Original Mix) Gydra Eatbrain:2017 Eatbrain
  26. The Fi5th- Jump Funk- VTO Records- 2023 (MASTER V1)
  27. Crash Test (Break Down) (Original Mix) KNOXZ 100 Abducted LTD
  28. Bass Symptom (Audio Remix) Audio, Mr. Frenkie Evolutions Remixed, Pt. 2 Blackout Music NL
  29. Ultralight (A.M.C Remix) (Original Mix) Kanine Ultralight (A.M.C Remix) Crucast
  30. Propper (Original Mix) Upgrade Ride Out EP Low Down Deep Recordings
  31. Pipebomb (Original Mix) Zeal, Coppa, Raiser Pipebomb RAM Records
  32. The Last Leaf (Original Mix) The Clamps Desolate Kosenprod

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