Podcast 454 – Bad Syntax & Scott Moulton [Sponsored by Adam Audio]

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My friends, we are back again. this week we have an epic mix for you, Scott Moulton is back for another wicked guest mix, and as always your host BAD SYNTAX rocking the resident mix. LETS GO!

Akrom – Euphoria / First Contact [OUT NOW on Abducted LTD]

Stream / Support it at: https://abductedltd.fanlink.to/altd105

Support from:  Cause 4 Concern, Chris.Su, Aphrodite, Psidream, Bytecode, Manta and more!

This Episode is sponsored by Adam Audio!

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

  1. Akrom – Euphoria [Abducted LTD]
  2. The clamps – Conviction [Code Smell]
  3. Prolix & Al/So – Bassline Shotta [Eatbrain]
  4. Tantron – Horizon [Hanzom]
  5. Skyfade – Inferno [DeVice]
  6. Kaizen flow & TRCD – Shatter Machine [Neuroheadz]
  7. Diode – Redsky [Abducted LTD]
  8. The Fi5th – Momentum [Cause 4 Concern]
  9. FractalOne – Money God [Close 2 Death]
  10. Task Horizon – Disintegrate (Burr Oak RMX)[Evolution Chamber]
  11. Tantron – Apocalypse [Hanzom]
  12. Prolix & Biometrix ft RHI – Let Ur Body Sink [Eatbrain]
  13. MV – Clown Business [Abducted LTD]
  14. Tantron – Mummy [Hanzom]
  15. The Fi5th – solarized [Cause 4 Concern]
  16. Irontype – Head [Paperfunk]
  17. Konflict – Messiah (Magnetude RMX) [Renegade Hardware]
  18. Ekwols – Drowning [Evolution Chamber]
  19. Sindicate & Stonx – Acheron [Abducted LTD]
  20. FractalOne – Distress Machine [Close 2 Death]
  21. TRCD – Vector [VTO]
  22. 2soulless – Reptilian [Paperfunk]
  23. Mojey – Ruff [DeVice]
  24. Mean Teeth – Dirty Deeds [Abducted LTD]
  25. Hightech – Decoherance [Neuropunk]
  26. Mythic Image – Wave form [Eatbrain]
  27. Exit4 – Wait U So [Close 2 Death]
  28. Yarn – falling [DeVice]
  29. Teddy Killerz & Pegboard Nerds – Pump [Monstercat]
  30. Liveon – All Along the Way [Abducted LTD]
  31. Impex – Snow White [Gutting]
  32. The fi5th – Epos [Cause 4 Concern]
  33. Magentude – Mask of Madness [Evolution Chamber]
  34. Pythius & Black Sun Empire – Doctrine [Blackout]
  35. Kaizen flow & TRCD – Control Freak [Neuroheadz]
  36. Inerpois & Backup – No Stress [High Resistance]
  37. Impex – Mount Rider [Hutting]
  38. TRCD – Reaction Time [VTO]
  39. Akrom – First Contact [Abducted LTD]

“Bad Tunes” of the week: Follow on Spotify http://bit.ly/badtunes

  1. Felix Raymon ft Bella Luna – So I (Tweakz RMX) [Delta9]
  2. Hightech – Fortress [Neuropunk]
  3. Ekwols – Drowning [Evolution Chamber]
  4. Pythius & Black Sun Empire – Doctrine [Blackout]
  5. Kaizen Flow & TRCD – Control Freak [Neuroheadz]

Scott Moulton Tracklist

1. Hidden Jayeem, Despersion Remix – Between Love and Rage [Free DL SoundCloud]
2. Polygon – Bring It Back [NCS]
3. Despersion – Priora [SLK Records]
4. Gancher & Ruin – Kickback [NMA]
5. Ohmie, Urbanstep, PR1ME Remix – Feel the Love [Nothing But]
6. Razlom – Rambo [Empire Recordings]
7. Magnetude – Falling [Evolution Chamber]
8. Nuvertal – Take Em [Eatbrain]
9. Clamps – Heart of Tomorrow [Kosenprod]
10. Blast, Deck Disorder – Get Down Low [Future Sickness Records]
11. Magnetude – Valhalla [Evolution Chamber]
12. Murdock, Doctrine, Current Value Remix – Acid Howl [Rampage Recordings]
13. Cyntax – Overlord VIP [Kill Tomorrow]
14. Sophon – Dance [Monstercat]
15. Fourward – Tonight [Elevate Records]
16. Neonlight, Wintermute, Misanthrop Remix – Influx [Blackout Music NL]
17. Flite, Audioscribe – Hymn [Pilot.]
18. Asphexia, Razlom – The Run [Empire Recordings]
19. Indivision – Secret Vision VIP [Indivision Music]
20. Zombie Cats, Killer Industries Remix – Flava [Zombie Cats]
21. Spekski – Need You [Korsakov Music]
22. Flite, Justin Hawkes – Joy [Liquicity Records]

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