Podcast 479 – Bad Syntax & Pac-D

by | Mar 8, 2024 | Mixes, Podcast

And we keep on movin!! Pac-D is back with an absolutely soulful guest mix, and you know we have you covered with the Neurofunk madness with Bad Syntax. Lock it in and lets get the weekend moving!

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Bad Syntax – Wildfire [Out NOW on Abducted LTD]

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Support from: ekwols, chris.su, DJ Aphrodite, stonx, manta, 1 more thing, bytecode, sindicate, mv, dj mag, dela Moon, nightstalker and more!

Bad Syntax Tracklist

  1. Bad Syntax – Wildfire [Abducted LTD]
  2. Ekwols – Hyena [Evolution Chamber]
  3. Rhianna – Diamonds (Burr Oak Bootleg) [mpFREE]
  4. Ed Rush – Voidwalker [Blackout]
  5. FractalOne – Infinite Regress [High Resistance]
  6. Vici – Just Like That [Blackout]
  7. Minor Flux & Hanm – Nuclear Robots [Abducted LTD]
  8. Sabotor – Cant Get Over You [Dialect]
  9. DJ SS – Exodus [Formation]
  10. Subcat – Cloud Break [Stonx]
  11. Ed Rush – Forever [Blackout]
  12. Agressor Bunx – Phantom [Hanzom]
  13. Bad Syntax – the Chant of Kashima (Chris.Su RMX) [Abducted LTD]
  14. Ed Rush – Steppin Out [Blackout]
  15. Vici – Backwards [Blackout]
  16. Avile – Criminal (Stonx RMX) [Neuroheadz]
  17. Absu – Ruff [Expedite]
  18. Bad syntax – Darkness (Sinister Souls RMX) [Abducted LTD]
  19. Proxizor & Dialective – One World [Dialect]
  20. Ed Rush – Summit [Blackout]
  21. Zombie Cats & Redemptive ft Sarah Pellicano – Hold On [High Tea]
  22. Ential – 911 [Genome]
  23. Skorpion – Accidental Authority [Momentive]
  24. Zaiaku & Bad Syntax – Hold on For Dear Life [Abducted LTD]
  25. Ed Rush – Scope [Blackout]
  26. Skorpion & Sceptre – Common Sense [Momentive]
  27. Finalfix – Patience [Close2Death]
  28. Osprey & Its Tricky – The Veil [Delta9]
  29. Vici – 3 Degrees [Blackout]
  30. Transforma & Mind Theory – Rave [Abducted LTD]
  31. Ed Rush – XO Clinical [Blackout]
  32. TNTKLZ – Failed Mechanics [Evolution Chamber]
  33. LYLY – Crashing Down [Sinful Maze]
  34. Sless ft Erin G – Euphoria [DeVice]
  35. Involver – The Deck [Nemesis]
  36. Fade Duster – Sleza [Monkey B]
  37. Ed Rush – Black Hoodie [Blackout]
  38. Zigi SC – Focus & COncentration [Cause4Concern]
  39. Akrom – First Contact [Abducted LTD]

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  1. Bad Syntax – Wildfire [Abducted LTD]
  2. Xaetis -Queen of Speed [Expedite]
  3. Ed Rush – Forever [Blackout]
  4. Fade Duster – Sleza [Monkey B]
  5. Proxizor & Dialective – One World [Dialect]
  6. Joliffee – Pale [DeVice]
  7. The Smell of Males – Interstellar [Covet]
  8. Noise Parfumerie – Call you Out [Kosen]
  9. Finalfix – Patience [Close2Death]

Pac-D Tracklist

  1. Mattirealism – Dark Places Pt II (Original Mix) [Mathematica Records]
  2. Nick Walker, Xena Road – Intelligence (Original Mix) [Booster Beats]
  3. Mattirealism – Break Away (Original Mix) [Soul Trader Records]
  4. Qumulus, Leniz – Lullaby (Original Mix) [Fokuz Recordings]
  5. Three Stripes – I Could Be The One (Original Mix) [DEEPROT]
  6. Squnc – Allure (Original Mix) [DistroKid]
  7. Soul Foundation – Destination Dub [Dialect Audio]
  8. Destiny – I Couldn’t Sleep (Original Mix) [Mathematica Records]

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