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by | Apr 5, 2024 | Mixes, Podcast

BABEMIX 2024 has arrived, and is an absolute monster of a mix! In case you aren’t familiar, every year I have my wife choose a playlist of songs 100% hand selected by her with no influence of my own, and I take them and make her an epic mix. She has impeccable tastes which has helped it become a staple as one of the most downloaded mixes every year, and I have no doubt this will be the same. So lock it in, Babemix 2024 is now live!

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Xylym – Cataclysmic Reaction // Element [ Abducted LTD ]

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Support from: Nuvertal, DJ Aphrodite, Evol Intent, Chris.Su, E-Sassin, Stonx, Bytecode, Sindicate, MV, Psidream, 1MoreThing, DJ Mag and more!

Babemix 2024 Tracklist

  1. Audio ft. Aenygma – Blood On Our Hands [Blackout Music] 
  2. Magnetude – Mask Of Madness [Evolution Chamber]
  3. Disaszt, The Clamps – Daemon [Eatbrain]
  4. Keaton, Hive – The Plague (Ekwols Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
  5. Tobax, TNTKLZ – Immersion [Neuropunk Records]
  6. Task Horizon – Wire Head [Evolution Chamber]
  7. Prolix – Dynamite [Blackout Music]
  8. Celldweller ft. Styles of Beyond – Shapeshifter (Zardonic & Pythius Remix) [FiXT]
  9. TNTKLZ – Excess [Hoofbeats Music]
  10. ABIS – Grains Of Suna [Blackout Music]
  11. Neonlight – Freedom (Myselor Remix) [Blackout Music]
  12. Konflict – Messiah (Magnetude Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
  13. Mob Tactics – Dirt Grub [Eatbrain]
  14. Zardonic ft. Mechanical Vein – Death By The Bassline [MNRK]
  15. Merikan – Warhammer [Eatbrain]
  16. Audio – Fang [Blackout Music]
  17. Kursiva, Magnifire – Sick Tune [Spring BassJam Records]
  18. Stonx – RIPH (Rage Induced Piss Headbutt) [Neuroheadz]
  19. Impex – How Low [Korsakov Music]
  20. Evacuation – Karpa, Holotrope [Hoofbeats Music]
  21. Ekwols – Drowning [Evolution Chamber]
  22. Shadow Sect, Mizo, Inspired – Break The Silence [Hoofbeats Music]
  23. FinalFix – Hypocrites [C2D]
  24. The Clamps – Conviction [Code Smell]
  25. Burr Oak – No One Is Innocent [Eatbrain]
  26. Audio – Ruins [Blackout Music]
  27. MV – Save The World [High Resistance]
  28. Teddy Killerz, Celldweller – Clone [FiXT]
  29. FractalOne – Money God [C2D]
  30. Bad Company UK – Spider (Optiv & BTK Remix) [Bad Taste Recordings]
  31. Ceptre – Family [Ceptre]
  32. Skellytn ft. Crystalline – Darkside [Eatbrain]
  33. Redpill, Ed Rush – Interlinked [Blackout Music]
  34. Audio – Flip Mode [Blackout Music]
  35. Absu_NTQL, Karpa – Strange [Mindicted Music]
  36. Dreaman, Tenzor – Maybe Shield [Neuropunk Records]
  37. Bad Company UK – Torpedo (InsideInfo Remix) [Bad Taste Recordings]
  38. MV – No Money [Abducted LTD]
  39. Kaizen Flow, HighThere – Prisoner [VTO Records]
  40. Disept, Warp Fa2e – Colossus [Monkey B Studio]
  41. Warp Fa2e – Defect [DnB Doctor.]
  42. Nemean – Terminate [Kill Tomorrow]
  43. Xylym – Black Hole Heavy [Hoofbeats Music]
  44. Miditacia – Surrealism [Neuropunk Records]
  45. Mizo, 2Whales – Party Jumper [Eatbrain]
  46. Avile – Rock N Roll [Neuropunk Records]
  47. Enta – Overkill [RUN]
  48. Mizo – Hypnosis [Eatbrain]
  49. Ricky West – Poshmit [Korsakov Music]
  50. Mob Tactics – Twister [RAM Records]
  51. Bad Syntax, Stonx, Sindicate – Wizard [Eatbrain]
  52. Nuvertal – Cult [Neuropunk Records]
  53. Entity – Pit Of Heresy [Akimbo Audio]
  54. Mizo – Dark Embrace [Eatbrain]
  55. Stonx – Prophecies [Neuropunk Records]
  56. Prdk, RAIDO – Inception [Corrupted Order]
  57. Tobax – Public Void Cat [Neuropunk Records]
  58. MV – Time To Fly [Gutting Audio]
  59. ESKR – Pulsar [Boomslang Recordings]
  60. Zombie Cats – SPLIT [Zombie Cats]
  61. Prdk, Symplex – Like This [Bass Rabbit Recordings]
  62. FauxRealz, MOMENTUM – Won’t Stay [Abducted LTD]
  63. Sitri, Gydra – Space Invaders [DeVice]
  64. Skrimor – Soul Splitters [Neuropunk Records]
  65. Dima Pulsar – Metan [Ignescent]
  66. The Burner Brothers – After Midnight [Patrol The Skies Music]
  67. Wraith, Sam Foxx ft. MC Dino – The Get Down [Space Yacht]
  68. Bad Syntax – Wildfire [Abducted LTD]
  69. Metanoia – Empirical [Neuropunk Records]
  70. Psynchro – Shamanizm [Neuropunk Records]
  71. Transforma, Mink – Only Cans [Neuroheadz]
  72. Sindicate, O&P – Loaded Gun [Abducted LTD]
  73. Optiv, BTK – Mind Control [Dutty Audio]
  74. Chris.SU, Kryptomedic – Vital Moments (MNDSCP Remix) [FATE Recordings]
  75. Ram Trilogy – Asylum [Audioporn Records]
  76. Usual Suspects, Fiction – Lunacy [Renegade Hardware]
  77. Stakka, Skynet ft. Friction – Altitude [Underfire Recordings]
  78. Hive – Repentance [Project Fifty-One Recordings]
  79. Dominus, Klutus – Maximus [Dom & Roland Productions]
  80. Moving Fusion – The Beginning (Hive & Keaton Remix) [RAM Records]
  81. Dom & Roland – Innersense [Metalheadz Ltd]
  82. Chronicles of the Residuum – Stormflight (Rene LaVice Remix) [Bad Taste Recordings]
  83. Muffler – Glitch In The System [Konsta Mikkonen]
  84. Spor – Claret’s March [Lifted Music]
  85. Malux – Swamp Thug [War On Silence]
  86. Noise Parfumerie – Mood [In The Lab Recordings]
  87. CPTL PNSHMNT – Coqui [Boomslang Recordings]

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