Podcast 489 – Bad Syntax & Axon Gap

by | May 17, 2024 | Mixes, Podcast

We are preparing for the invasion this weekend in PHX, AZ where Bad Syntax will be headlining an epic 2 room warehouse party down town called “Boombox”! More info on that at FrakturedPhoenix.com , and to get you prepared for the PHX sound we have their very own legend in the guest mix Axon gap! Lock it in, and lets rock out!

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Support from: Noisia, MNDSCP, Evol Intent, The Sect, Chris.Su, DJ Aphrodite, Bytecode, X.Morph, Bad Ace, Manta, Nuvertal, MV, Transforma, Nightstalker, Jesta, dela Moon, Bobby, Liveon, Kaiza, Bassdrive Raving Panda, Drumad and more!

Phoenix, Arizona – Bad Syntax is headed for you on May 18!

2 stage warehouse party at secret Phoenix warehouse location. Check out the full lineup, and buy tickets at: FrakturedPhoenix.com

Bad Syntax Tracklist

1. Esym – Moshpit [Abducted LTD]
2. AL/SO – Daunting [Neuroheadz]
3. A-Cray – Lift Off [Darkshire]
4. The Clamps – Veilwhisper [Kosen]
5. Mayel – Echo [Neuropunk]
6. Redpill – The Chase [Eatbrain]
7. Scout 22 – Mindkiller (Stonx RMX) [Abducted LTD]
8. Pain – Push the Pusher (Zardonic RMX) [Wool]
9. Mean Teeth – Facesplitta (Dropset RMX) [C4C]
10. Despersion – Everything [SLK]
11. Mayel & Cod3x – No More [Neuropunk]
12. Finalfix & Neolyth – Cerberus [Evolution Chamber]
13. Esym – Someday [Abducted LTD]
14. Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit (Teddy Killerz RMX) [Vision]
15. PRDK – Bass [Darkshire]
16. Skrimor – Boogie Woogie [Evolution Chamber]
17. Mean Teeth – Nine Lives (Nickbee RMX) [C4C]
18. Esym – Enter into Darkness [Abducted LTD]
19. Mayel – Hypnofrog [Neuropunk]
20. Redpill – Breath & Scream [Eatbrain]
21. Hector – Embrace of Winter [Paperfunk]
22. SLWDWN – Absense [Darkshire]
23. Hystatus ft. Flower Rising – Between Worlds [Axon]
24. Irontype – EZ [Abducted LTD]
25. Impex – Lie to You [Paperfunk]
26. Grinder – Headlight [Neuropunk]
27. Jade – Man Eating Lizard Dragon (Skrimor RMX) [Eatbrain]
28. Screamarts – Coalesce (Audio RMX) [Brainrave]
29. Clikvork – Alone [Eatbrain]
30. Bobby – Carnage (Sindicate RMX) [Abducted LTD]
31. AL/SO – Apopletic [Neuropheadz]
32. Bad Syntax, Stonx & Sindicate – Wizard [Eatbrain]
33. Cliques & JFB – Ninja Frog [DeVice]
34. Absu_NTQL ^ Zigi SC – Temple [Darkshire]
35. Clikvork – Trinity [Eartbrain]
36. Creafect – Your Mind [Close 2 Death]
37. Sinister Souls ft OA – Everything Hertz [PRSPCT]
38. Redpill – I Like the Noise [Eatbrain]
39. Esym – For Honor [Abducted LTD]

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  1. Redpill – I like the Noise [Eatbrain]
  2. Mean Teeth – Facesplitta (Dropset RMX) [Cause4Concern]
  3. Kumarion & Bensley ft Colleen D’Agostino – I Am Here [Mau5trap]
  4. Cliques & JFB – Ninja Frog [DeVice]
  5. Skrimor – Boogie Woogie [Evolution Chamber]
  6. Grinder – Shadow Strike [Neuropunk]

Axon Gap Tracklist

1. Opius – G L A D I A T O R [Ballpark Records]
2. Andy Pain – Psychonautics [Citate Forms]
3. Universal Project – Haunted Dreams [Universal Project Recordings]
4. Sum, Danny Styles – Frontin’ [24 Karat Recordings]
5. Drum Cypha – Nosebleed [Logical Directions Recordings]
6. Psychoweapon – Survivors [Triamer Records]
7. Pegboard Nerds – 20K [Monstercat]
8. Vein, Inerpois, Backup – Demention [Future Sickness Records]
9. Vein – We Are the Ravers [Cloud 9 Dance]
10. Eris – Every Second Space [Drumroom]
11. Neezko – Integrator [DIVIDID]
12. Brainway, Noista – Berserk [Cresta La Cultura]
13. Tekan – Issues With Authority [Transformative Records]
14. Icon Roller – Escape [Shoot the Freak]

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