Best Drum and Bass Podcast #065 – Dioptrics & Kirin


This weeks podcast features guest mix by Kirin, as well as resident 3 deck live mix by Dioptrics. Biggup and make sure to rate and sub on iTunes below! PS- Sorry that we missed the shout outs portion this week. Sometimes we slip up, that’s all a part of recording LIVE! And I am an idiot. BIGGUP!

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Dioptrics Tracklist:

  1. RA:SKL + Dioptrics + Pish Posh – Alien Visitors [Abducted LTD mpFREE]
  2. L33 – Rei [Blackout]
  3. Tuff Touch – Chapter 33 [Mayan]
  4. BSE + State of Mind – Thug [Blackout]
  5. Bl4ck Owlz – Mechanizm [AudioPorn]
  6. Dioptrics – Talk to Me (Space Journey RMX) [Abducted LTD]
  7. Oedure & Shield – Dumflad [Blackout]
  8. Murdock & Doctrine – Arena [Radar]
  9. Recs – Bloodhound (Maztek RMX) [Mayan]
  10. Malux – Fonk [Bad Taste]
  11. Dioptrics & RA:SKL – Maniac (Pish Posh RMX) [Abducted LTD]
  12. Agressor Bunx – Infinity [Blackout]
  13. Traced – Cybernetics [Mayan]
  14. Merikan – Psychological Trauma [C2D]
  15. Gydra – Nailsbucket [Blackout]
  16. Ophlot – Timelash [Abducted LTD]
  17. Toronto is Broken – Want You [Sub Slayers]
  18. Subsonik & Pish Posh – Mitch Conner [Formation]
  19. Task Horizon – Body Tetris [Blackout]
  20. Daitek – Herbal Tank (Safra RMX) [Genome]
  21. 4mulate – Biohazards [Abducted LTD]
  22. Allied – Centaurus A [Methlab]
  23. Daitek & Velos – Kavu Pit [dub]
  24. Kusp ft SMB – Fixate [Authentic]
  25. Subsonik – Spectre [Formation]
  26. Spective – Space & Time [Abducted LTD]
  27. Lisp – Turmoil [Delta 9]
  28. Revaux – Solidify [Authentic]
  29. Definate – Towards the Dawn (Arp XP RMX) [Authentic]
  30. Ophlot – Seismic [Abducted LTD]

Kirin Tracklist:

  1. Cosmology – City Lights (feat Ella Sopp) (Blu Saphir)
  2. Dawn Wall – Spears (Integral)
  3. DBR UK – Time Will Tell (feat Structured & Amanda Seal) (Dispatch)
  4. Mikel – If We Become (Metalheadz)
  5. Pish Posh, Liminal, DJ SS – Surrender (feat Bengal) (Formation)
  6. DragonFly – Mine All the Time (feat Sopheye) (Unsigned)
  7. Sickness & Dismay – Yet To Learn (Liquid Tones)
  8. Hugh Hardie, Pola & Bryson – Lifted (Hospital)
  9. Stevie Wonder – Part-Time Lover (Makoto & Danny Wheeler DnB Edit) (Bootleg)
  10. mSdoS – Bond Style (Kasper Remix) (Liquid Drops)
  11. Paul T & Edward Oberon – Out Of The Dark (V)
  12. j:logic, Greekboy, Thiago Pery – Some Roller (Soul Deep)
  13. Will Miles – Dance Party (Elm Imprint)

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