Best Drum and Bass Podcast #066 – Dioptrics & Insomniax (Viper)

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Mixes, Podcast

Legendary label Viper’s newest bad boys have hit the scene in a fucking MASSIVE way. Insomniax have stepped out of the shadows and unleashed a BEAST of a drum and bass release with their single Uridium / Longest Night. If you are not yet familiar, then make sure to pay close attention. Because these guys are on the quick path to the top.

Joined by your resident 3 deck mix by Dioptrics, keep it locked ( AND MAKE SURE TO REVIEW ON iTUNES! ) for one hour of fresh drum and bass power!

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Dioptrics Tracklist:

  1. Ophlot – Timelash [Abducted LTD]
  2. Agressor Bunx – Total Destroy [Bad Taste]
  3. Gydra – Nailsbucket [Blackout]
  4. Picota & Kumbh – Alpha Centauro [Comanche]
  5. Zombie Cats – Fear & Circles [C4C]
  6. Dioptrics – Talk to Me (Space Journey RMX) [Abducted LTD]
  7. Nickbee – Another Dimension [Concussion]
  8. Kronology – Forward Motion [Technique]
  9. L33 – Rei [Blackout]
  10. Agressor Bunx – Crusader [Bad Taste]
  11. Dioptrics & RA:SKL – Maniac [Abducted LTD]
  12. Zombie Cats – Shakaree [C4C]
  13. Recs – Bloodhound (Maztek RMX) [Mayan]
  14. Ordure & Shield – Dumflad [Blackout]
  15. Signalfista – Black Square [Patrol the Skies]
  16. Pish Posh – Frogman (The Voss RMX) [Abducted LTD]
  17. Agressor Bunx – Infinity [Blackout]
  18. Kronology – Voyager [Technique]
  19. Future Primitive – Two Face [C2D]
  20. Bl4ck Owlz – Mechanizm [AudioPorn]
  21. Dose – Sanctuary [Abducted LTD]
  22. Subsonik & Glitch – No Cool [Formation]
  23. Picota & Kumbh – Conviction [Comanche]
  24. Contra – The Light [Liondub]
  25. Nickbee – Splitting Hairs [Concussion]
  26. Daitek & Velos – Kavu Pit [Dub]
  27. Ophlot – Seismic [Abducted LTD]
  28. Task Horizon – Body Tetris [Blackout]
  29. Contra – Kokoro [Liondub]
  30. Phaney – Escape [Abducted LTD]

Insomniax Tracklist:

  1. Break_Confidential (symmetry)
  2. >> Bad Company_ The Pulse (Prototypes remix)_ Dub
  3. James Marvel_Way of the warrior (Audio porn)
  4. Mefjus_Blitz (Neosignal)
  5. >>Insomniax_Untitled (dub)
  6. Insomniax_Uridium (Viper)
  7. Insomniax & Trei_Lightyears (Dub)
  8. >>Insomniax_Serotonin (Dub)
  9. >>B Motion_Arabia (Viper)
  10. Insomniax_Lunar Dub (Viper)
  11. Urban Dawn_Pavlovs Dog (Hospital)
  12. >>Insomniax_Moongroove (Dub)
  13. Break_Temptations (Symmetry)
  14. Mob Tactics_Get Dirty (Viper)
  15. >>Smooth_WTF (Viper)
  16. Insomniax & Mob Tactics Feat Miss Trouble_Apocalypse (Dub)
  17. >>Insomniax_Hyperion (Dub)
  18. >>Akov_Mantra (Mindtech)
  19. Spor_Blueroom (Sotto Voce)
  20. Insomniax_Do You Remember (Viper)
  21. Insomniax_Longest Night (Viper)

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