Pola & Bryson – Devil (Benny L Remix) [Soulvent]

by | Oct 14, 2017 | Tunes

Soulvent recording keeps some of the finest quality releases in all of dnb, the past year has seen the release of Pola & Bryson’s ” This Time Last Year ” album and what an incredible work that was. This time around they decided to get a heavyweight studded line up of some of the scene’s finest acts to remix the already incredible album. S.P.Y, Chords, Data 3 to name a few along with the ever mighty Benny L who has absolutely been crushing this year to smithereens. Benny L has released on a numerous of excellent labels and has been building quite the discography of pure bangers. Speaking of bangers, lets hope into this one for an in depth shot.

Devil Remix starts off with an array of soft atmospheric and  “devil” echoing into the forefront. An onslaught of pure ravey synths paired with junglistic breaks sets the tone for a quick 16 bars. After the ravey bit the tune takes a deeper and darker turn with ominously sounding patches of bass sweeping the grounds clear. The drums pick up the pace into the drop heading into to fierce and sharp percussion elements paired with a behemoth bassline Benny L has been stylizing on his own. The fills and breaks in the tune are met with surprising elements of weight before heading into the the break of the track.

Overall this one has been in the bag, and continues to murk dancefloors around the globe charting on the beatport top ten! This ones out right now on Soulvent Records! Must have!


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