Pola & Bryson – Pacific EP [Shogun Audio]


Liquid connoisseurs Pola & Bryson return to Shogun Audio with their immaculately crafted Pacific EP. The duo serving up 4 new tracks after touring across the world, their first pieces of original music in little over a year since their beautiful Lost In Thought LP in August 2018. Yet the boys haven’t lost their touch, with each track expertly crafted and showcasing their love and prowess with string instrument arrangements featuring pianos and guitars akin to their acoustic work such as Night Dawns featuring Lauren Archer and No One But You featuring Brookfield.

Opening up the EP in a spectacular way is the lovely Running in the Dark featuring the soulful tones of Ruth Royall. Beginning with ethereal tones that set the mood, Ruth Royall’s voice reverberates beautifully on top of a damped piano medley before launching into a gorgeous fast-paced track. With a solid rolling bassline and shuffling drums that hit with a surprising amount of intensity, Ruth Royall’s voice intertwines with the piano chords with fluttering synths setting the atmosphere. The overall result is a beautiful track the evolves as it moves from the intro to verse, to bridge, and second verse.

Continuing with the impressive instrumentation with the exotic Abandon. Starting with a nice drum pattern and an Arabian/Indian vibe before letting the track breath for a spell amongst moving piano fills with moving synth chords. The meat of the track pulls all elements together, with a smashing Moog like bass, fast-paced shuffling drumline, and thunderous piano.

Next, we come to subtle yet eloquent Cold Love. The intro for this track opens off in a remarkable manner, starting with an oscillating arpeggio loop that continues to build up in speed with strings softly plucking before leading into piano chords. The track then moves to a pleasant liquid roller featuring all the things you love about liquid: shuffling drum, a warm rolling bass, beautiful pianos, and soaring vocals. Despite the name, there is nothing cold about this track.

Finally, we come to the title track Pacific. Starting with a muted and somber piano medley and atmospheric chords, the pace quickly builds in speed slowly. As this progresses on climbing to 174bpm with drum breaks slowly building into until it gets to the meat of the track. Simply put, it turns into an honest classic liquid track, with soaring atmospheric chords, and a steady beat to shuffle to. If I were to open liquid set up with some serious emotions, this would be my go-to track.

The Pacific EP is overall a masterful selection of tunes. If one word can describe Pola & Bryson’s work, it would “instrumental” and this EP is truly the embodiment of that. Each track combines that flowing liquid vibe with earthy tones of string instruments. If you want to keep those summer vibes kicking for a few more weeks, then this is the EP for you!






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