Polaris & Stranjah – Aquarius [Technique]

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Tunes

Technique Recordings is back once again with their summer compilation. They are bringing serious vibes to the table this time time around. The master minds that are Drumsound and Bassline Smith show no signs of stopping in the quality department. With the weather getting hot and the festival season in full swing the need for summer sounding music comes along with it. You will not be disappointed with Technique’s Summer 2016 selection. Its music like this that keeps the cycle of Drum and Bass in a continuous circle of versatility and style.

Two new forces join together in collaboration with the creation of a fresh new tune from two parts of the world. Polaris from Romania and Stranjah from Toronto have went and created an incredibly special tune called ” Aquarius “. The tune starts of with soft and easy listening pads and very precise plucking percussion that is very welcoming and encapsulating a free spirit vibe. The tune carries on into a heavily atmospheric world of sound that is sure to make time stand still on the dance floor with an array of carefully plotted trance like synths and transposed vocal samples. The sound of digital raindrops can come to mind when listening to this tune. Nothing but hair raising feel good vibrations.

Im very happy to hear more Drum And Bass like this being produced and released. It is one of my favorite styles that you do not hear enough of. Not many tunes can change the energy in the dance quite like this can and i hope to hear more like this from Polaris & Stranjah in the future.

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