Posij – Pulp EP [Vision Recordings]


Little needs to be said about the Dutch craftmaster Posij. With an extensive discography that showcases exceptional production and prowess with composing a wide variety of genres. However, if there was a body of work that really shows his mastery of sound design and composition, it would be his brand new Pulp EP fresh from the oven on Vision Recordings. 

Posij must be taking the piss because, despite the title, the opening track of the EP is anything but Derivative. Opening with spacy metallic synths under crisp hi-hats, before shifting to a drumline with an echo ladened soundscape to lead into whats to come. This deep neuro track shifts elements as the progress moves, from a thick rolling bassline to powerful Reece. The percussion ebbs and flows seemlessly, adding some healthy texture to the already crystal clear drums. Variety is the spice of life, and this track is hitting about a billion on the Scoville Scale.

The cheekiness continues with his next track. Featuring audio snippets from Scotty Killmer, an enthusiastic auto repair Youtuber (10/10 channel by the way https://www.youtube.com/user/scottykilmer/videos). Particularly, the sample is from a video with Scotty Killmer who is diagnosing A Car That Cranks. With the sound of a stalled out engine laying the bedrock of the track, this track revs with a heavy minimal tone, with the bassline pulsing with to the tempo of an engine while razor-sharp synths layer on top of it smoothly like a fresh coat of wax.

If you’re not sick of the car puns, then you will be happy to know that this next track is perfect to take a Drive to. There’s is nothing better than a good musical hook, except of course for how said musical hook expands and evolves. Starting early, the hook starts from a ping pong-esque synth. Where Posij shows his genius is not only with how the hook modulates in terms of synthesis but how the elements of tracks come together. The pattern of the drums and percussion really puts the pedal to the metal with this track.

Finally to close out the EP we come to some Alien Dweep magic. With ominously distorted vocals and warnings of UFOs, this quickly starts building into some nasty deep neuro. Saving the best for last, Posij delivers a stomper of a track, with heavy basslines and ever-intensifying drums that will keep you stepping.

If there is one way to sum up the feel of this EP it would be organic. Each track has a steady evolution that adds a fresh feeling with each listening. The crisp and full sound of the drums and percussion add a solid framework to each track, shifting with the flow of each track. This all combines to give this whole EP a living breathing feel. This is definitely one of the best EPs from the year and you do not want to miss out on this.





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