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Here at Best Drum and Bass we have been keeping a close eye on Korsakov Music busting through the scene in 2020 and the latest release ‘Hyperdrive EP’ from PRFCT Mandem is no exception to the no holds barred attitude that is teeming from the Korsakov crew. Let’s take a look at what this exemplary and dangerous duo is pumping out as they present an EP full of eccentric neurofunk madness full of surprises around every corner.

“Conflict” kickstarts the ‘Hyperdrive EP’ in a swirl of synths creating a genuine cultural vibe as woodwinds flutter riding over a clean rhythm with strings breaking in strumming a melody to the drop. Extended basslines bellow engulfing the composition as they curl and coil, expanding at times for full measures as the beat carries on. Accompanied by slick rolls and fresh fills that weave through the darkness the basslines expand and contract with electrifying power, stretching and snapping through the groove pulsing steady and rhythmic with an exotic flare. A stylish display of workmanship “Conflict” from PRFCT Mandem enhances current trends blending bits of foghorn bass into neuorfunk for a curious composition that’s sure to push boundaries even further with their experimental style.

Twisting in with atmospheric elements “Hyperdrive” quickly switches gears as the elongated bass wails through the ambience driving with full force beckoning the beat to life. A quick vocal snap ‘Hyperdrive Initiating’ slices through, a short but necessary warning, as we’re only halfway through this extended intro and about to level up once more. The energy continues to increase shifting into high, building intently toward insanity pumping and throbbing harder and faster beat by beat. Pulverized by the drop snares crack and thrash as the bassline thunders below tangled between quick thumps and outstretched roars. Complexity in the composition of the rhythm in “Hyperdrive” brings something new to the ear with each play proving the details matter when it comes to the artistry of PRFCT Mandem’s style. As if they didn’t crush enough with the first drop PRFCT Mandem has more in store for the second half which takes a volatile turn as deranged beats stomp in shrieking and pounding in overdrive to explode the dance into an all out frenzy with this jumpy, hyped up vibe. “Hyperdrive” is an absolute smasher that brings fire and passion to stimulate animation in the mix; you won’t want to miss this!

“Stay Quiet” creeps in on a moody aura as rubbery pads echo and expand growing elasticized amidst a murmur of madness in the backdrop. A steady beat begins to ambush with attitude as we’re only seconds away from the mind blowing drop. Get ready to flood the dance floor! Erratic and impulsive “Stay Quiet” rushes ravenously spewing energy as the bass thumps and pounds rapidly furiously driving the bounce. The highs screech feverishly echoing over the exuberant technical beat as “Stay Quiet” becomes relentless and inescapable ricocheting and rebounding with punch and pep. Sinister vocal samples buzz in the background ‘stay quiet’ as the bass booms harder and faster fluctuating with manic rhythm recoiling and running wild; impulsive and erratic as it springs and stretches through this animated composition. PRFCT Mandem incorporate extraordinary musical elements into “Stay Quiet” showcasing their innovative style with formative power in drum and bass.

Synths and pads swirl empowering the rhythm to creep in eerily setting the tone for “Contact”. Deep foghorns bellow dangerously syncopated with the beat that resurfaces amplified; bouncing and skipping between blasts of bass. Winding up wild and untamed the suspense is amplified by a chaotic beat discharging to the dangerous drop. Diving deep into the depths of the most deadly neurofunk “Contact” explodes grinding and snapping with an enraged rhythm flexing as the pliable bass cascades savagely erupting amidst pristinely placed effects that enhance the rage flowing through this track. Total annihilation at the second drop is delivered as a barbaric broken beat storms in with vehemence to demolish the dance before flipping back to the beastly barrage from the beginning. Savage and stylish “Contact” shows no restraint as PRFCT Mandem pull out all the stops pushing their production into uncharted territory.

“Innosense” wraps up the ‘Hyperdrive EP’ with a dark and dirty grimy rolling vibe. A soft vocalization slicing through a lucid intro creates a breathable blend before pummeling into the depths of the drop. A clean, straightforward rhythm slides smoothly over outstretched foghorns that vibrate and break to perfectly placed vocalizations that pop. Purely dark and mischievous “Innosense” provides simplicity focusing on the ability to enhance multiple tracks in the mix. Yet another example of the diversity PRFCT Mandem brings to drum and bass with their unique style building a distinctive sound unparalleled to the frequency of the norm.

One of the most groundbreaking artists of 2020 PRFCT Mandem are absolutely crushing the scene. If you missed the ‘Formation EP’  this summer read up on it here  and be sure to check out their single “Monument”  from the ‘Korsakov Music Presents Future Stars Volume 1’ series which I reviewed here.  We’ll be keeping a close eye on this extreme team moving forward so be sure to subscribe and keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass for all the latest news on upcoming releases.

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