Prolix ‘Everything’ [Bassrush Records]


Prolix is one of those names drum and bass connoisseurs are forever longing to hear the slightest news of a new release and every time we wonder how it could possibly be any better than the last yet somehow it always is. A standard for quality in the scene Prolix delivers every time.

Out today on Bassrush Records Prolix is about to get this summer scorching in the most iconic way with the single “Everything”; quite possibly the track of the year it’s an instant classic and will create timeless memories as the dance floor rides on this rollercoaster of furiously emotionally composed drum and bass. Let’s see just why this track from Prolix is “Everything” you need.


A warm yet mysteriously dark glow falls upon the build as a symphony swells beneath earth shattering vocals cascading toward the drop. The drums begin to drive the composition winding the tension tightly with their technical punctuality as the vocal returns, bellowing blissfully: “I can be everything you need”

One more snappy drum roll and the drop takes control. If perfection in precision exists this is it as the track of the summer storms through, shattering the highest expectations, even for Prolix, to bits. “Everything” destroys the world as we know it in this astounding display of dnb melding the neurofunk and dancefloor vibes flawlessly. Words can’t even come close to hitting the emotion and power that is felt pulsing through this tune, opening a portal to another world of drum and bass entirely. The drum patterns are ridiculously arranged, aggressive and punchy, as wicked bass drops and massively exciting extended breaks twist and turn this track with every beat. The vocal is cut, chopped and manipulated to add contrast and heighten the emotional pull with heart thumping, mind bending, time twisting vision that morphs and grows more intensely from within as the track shells on.

“Everything” is the one that will stop the dance floor in their tracks, take their breath away and make them lose their minds in an unforgettable, emotional, moment in time engulfed in an epically stylish drum and bass sound that only Prolix can provide.

“Everything” is out TODAY on Basshrush Records. Grab your copy here!




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