Prolix – Nature of Reality [Shogun Audio]

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Tunes

Prolix, back at it again with the… quality drum and bass?  Anyways, Prolix has just dropped his double-sided EP featuring “Nature of Reality” and “Sycophant” on Shogun Audio.  It’s actually a bit surprising, considering the effort Prolix has been putting into his own imprint (Trendkill), to see Prolix release music on Shogun Audio.  I love it either way, and “Nature of Reality” packs the usual punch we’ve all come to expect from Prolix.  I particularly love the horn-packed intro.  Nothing hooks me like a drum and bass track with a good intro, and “Nature of Reality” is a perfect example.  What follows the intro is a little bit like Audio meets Current Value.  Heavily compressed bass dances to jump-up style drums, with eerie synths layered on top to add an end-of-the-world vibe.  That vibe continues to build and the high-range synths only get more shrill, finally climaxing with a particularly ridiculous patch pitching endlessly upwards.  Overall I really like “Nature of Reality” and I would expect it to really go off live.

I give the track a 7/10
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