Revolutionize Your Drum and Bass Releases with Our Premium Promo Mailer Service

Welcome to the ultimate solution for drum and bass record labels seeking to amplify their reach! Our specialized Drum and Bass Promo Mailer service is tailored to transform how you promote your forthcoming releases. Connect with the biggest names in the industry and make a lasting impact with your music.

What We Offer: Our Promo Mailer Service is the bridge between your groundbreaking tracks and hundreds of top-tier drum and bass artists around the globe. Get ready to elevate your release strategy with our unmatched promotional tools.


Tailored for Drum and Bass:

Designed exclusively for drum and bass record labels, ensuring your music reaches the right audience.


Affordable Campaigns:

Launch a full-scale promotional campaign for just $35, inclusive of a custom landing page adorned with your album art.


Generous Song Limit:

Each campaign can feature up to 20 songs, giving you ample space to showcase your best work.


Extensive Network:

Your release will be emailed to an extensive network of renowned drum and bass artists, offering unparalleled exposure.


Quality Assurance:

We pride ourselves on maintaining high standards. Every release undergoes a thorough review to ensure it aligns with our quality benchmarks.


Cutting edge security:

All campaigns now come with watermarking which will help us track down if any leaks happen and trace it back to what account is responsible. 

Preparing Your Campaign:

IMPORTANT! When sending your campaign, please follow the guidelines to the right exactly. It helps us keep this service affordable!

To ensure a smooth and successful promotion, here is a detailed list of specifications for your campaign preparation. This includes guidelines on format, quality, and content to maximize the effectiveness of your promotional efforts.

NOTE: Please only send your campaign files and information after we have agreed to start a campaign. For quality assurance, we must preview all promos unless previously agreed to by the Best DNB staff. This is to assure your release fits and will get the attention it deserves!

Files Needed

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Cover art (Square Format – at least 1500px wide)

Background Art [5MB max size](Can use cover art here if you prefer, or also “Blank”)

Songs – Label each file as “Artist – Track Title” (Use this format exactly)

Content Needed

Copy and paste the following fields and your reply in your submission

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E-mail Subject Line:

Label Name:

Release Name:


Exclusive Release Date + Stores (If any):

Full Release Date (Spell month to avoid confusion):

OK for online streaming (Yes / No / After Specific Date):

Release Bio (NO PDF, NO LINKS, paste the full text only bio here):

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Please include all files in a ZIP, and send all audio as WAV (We will automatically convert to MP3 option on our end)

Amazing labels see amazing results!

Check out some snapshots from a few campaigns we have already completed below.


Get in touch with us! Email us at with any questions, or to get started. Please keep an eye on this page for updated info as we roll out more information.