Promoter Alley – Tuesday Drum and Bass Events

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Events

Tuesday is more than just for tacos! It is also a hot night in the Drum and Bass scene with Seattle leading the way and their 20 year weekly Tuesday night simply called, Drum and Bass Tuesday. The Baltic Room rocks each week with locals, regional, and international headlining acts. The vibe at this weekly is stellar and I know many people who barely make it into work on Wednesday! Seattle Tuesday nights has been the stopping grounds for John B, MC Dino and is always a stop when Eatbrain comes Stateside. I would highly recommend checking out this Drum and Bass hotspot if you are ever traveling in in the Northern Pacific. Tonight they have Ray Marauder rinsing out the decks.

Next we head over to Chi town where Proper Chicago is running their Tuesday events. For 18 years this team has been dishing out good music, awesome vibes and friendly smiles. Their philosophy is that Drum and Bass should be in the front and center and this weekly is a testament to their thoughts. Tonight they have Riverman and continue to provide proper local and regional Artist.

Last stop on our Tuesday night Drum and Bass adventure is in the great state of Texas, Austin to be exact. Sonar DNB Tuesday, a long running weekly featuring local and regional Drum and Bass Artists, they celebrated their 10 year anniversary last week at SxSW convention, they seem to be doing things big over in Texas!

Hope this helps find some good places to dance if you are looking for Drum and Bass on a Tuesday.

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