Promoter Alley – Wednesday Drum and Bass Events

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Events

Its been a few weeks since I wrote about the weekly Drum and Bass events around the States, I wanted to get back to showcasing each day and the clubs that are out there making events happen for our scene. Next up we have Wednesday nights, which actually proved quite difficult to find as there is not many Drum and Bass events this night of the week.

Our first Wednesday event is called Red MegaZebra that happens twice a month in Los Angeles. This event may not be each week but it packs some amazing talent. You can catch Atlantic Connection, Reid Speed, Scooba and SoothSayer gracing the decks from time to time and it has resident DJs Kemst, JNX and Jayzo G. Its $10 to get in but before 10:30pm its only $5. Check them out here. Red Mega Zebra

Our next event is over in North Carolina for a night called Head Room. Its another bi-weekly drum and bass event that is ran by GoAbove Productions. This is a free event and his held every 1st and 3rd Wednesday. They have been going strong for 10 years and they host their event at The Outpost. Their next event is tonight and will have Yellow Fever, Handsome Robb and MoJo-T.

If you find yourself in Los Angeles or North Carolina, I hope you stop by and check these events out. Please check back soon for our “Promoter Alley” showcasing Thursday events.



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