Propa Dubs Vol 1 – DJ RAP – (Propa Talent) – All Vinyl Release

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Tunes

What does one of the female pioneers of  drum and bass music do to celebrate her 25th year milestone for her record label? How about releasing a limited edition, remastered, all vinyl record of her 1996 hit song Hardstep.  Included in this vinyl release are two other unreleased versions of the song, a surefire treat to celebrate this milestone.

DJ Rap has seen successes on more than just the DJ front. She has been an actress, model, label owner, and has a decade of  wining the Best Female DJ award. Her two labels; Propa and Impropa Talent are a true testament to her hard-working and driven personality. I can not see a more fitting release to celebrate her label, and fans agree. Her all vinyl release, scheduled to come out June 29th, is all ready SOLD OUT. This release now can only be purchased at select retail stores after June 29th.

For a chance to grab other Propa Talent releases,  make sure to follow her at;  DJ RAP BANDCAMP

Keep an eye what comes next from Propa Talent and from the undisputed queen of the turntables herself; DJ RAP

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