Psidream – Trapjaw [Nightfall Recordings]

by | Jun 20, 2016 | Tunes

If you made a list of solid drum and bass producers over the last 13 years that have consistently released solid music on solid labels, you would have to include Vancouver based Psidream on this list. With releases on such labels as Renegade Hardware, DSCI4, Citrus, Breakbeat Science, Cyanide, Red Light, and his own label Nightfall Recordings, as well as many others, it is hard to deny his impact and contribution to this music

His latest release Trapjaw, is on his own Nightfall Recordings and is set to keep dance floors and rocking this summer and into the foreseeable future. Moody, rising and sweeping atmospherics and filtered bass runs move around each other to set the tone for the song as a Doppler effect jet seems to take off over head just as the drums kick in and this one rolls out from the jump. With call and response metallic mid range bass lines working well with one another paired up with low frequency sub bass that glues it all together. The great thing about this one is it is driving with out being over bearing. It is imposable to hear this and not get caught up in its movement, but with out feeling you are getting clobbered over the head with too much at the same time. The flip side Early Light that he made with Paciffc is just as solid and takes no prisoners either. Straight up drum and bass for the dance floor and purist a like! Top notch release from Psidream and Nightfall Recordings

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