Punchman ‘Muscle Roller EP’ [Neuropunk Records]

by | Jul 17, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Neuropunk Records welcomes a fresh face to the label this week with Punchman and the ‘Muscle Roller EP’. Three seriously stacked neurofunk tracks are set to inject the ultimate energy levels into your sets with a hefty dose of drum and bass to pump up the mix and keep the floor in the dance! Let’s get right in to the ‘Muscle Roller EP’ from Punchman on Neuropunk this week!


Charging in with savage intent a dark build rolls in thick as stuttered vocals cut through bringing the build of the beat with thick horns piping in for a real kick to get “Muscle Roller” on the move. The drop comes quick with a sinister twist as hopped up horns continue to blaze the way with the beats and bass keeping the rhythm in sway. Bouncy energy and adrenaline without bounds lift the mood and amp the mix with the cleanest sounds and wicked hits. Punchman’s “Muscle Roller” offers intense non-stop action for floor moving mixes you can’t miss this!


A grinding build winds wickedly toward the drop, pumping the energy as the beats intensify before flipping into a tenaciously technical fire fight. Rabid beats roll relentlessly with a funky flare as the bassline bobs along. A quick flip gives a super boost to rocket the rhythm into overdrive, manically aggressive in nature but still rides clean in the mix. “Biceps Gun” is the perfect pick to slap in the mix primed to move the floor consistent and quick. Add this one to your heavy artillery for the most smashing set!


The highs drip in with intensity keeping the anticipation peaked. A vocal cut barrels in with malicious repetition as the build brings a burly beat to the mix. Rolling right into the drop a nasty nip of neurofunk unfolds with punchy kicks fueling the beat and a bassline that boosts it mean and clean. A tinge of the high end hangs in sweeping balance into the composition with fierce fire to move the room. Keep it locked for the second drop as Punchman flips the danger switch on “Testosterone” to intensify the hype. This is a great pick for the peak of the night.

Punchman’s ‘Muscle Roller EP’ is available now on Neuropunk. CLICK HERE to find it on your favorite outlet!


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