Punchman ‘Radar/Komar’ [Neuropunk Records]

by | Nov 5, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Following up the insanely intense ‘Muscle Roller EP’ earlier this year (check out that review HERE) Punchman is back on Neuropunk Records for another round of bass filled, floor stomping action with this double dose of dynamite drum and bass adding more heavy artillery to the arsenal that’s sure to be in heavy rotation with “Radar” and “Komar” out this week. Let’s get right into this heat!


Vicious vocal samples with a hip-hop infused flare jump start “Radar” into high gear. The beat cracks in, seething with energy, pulling the bassline into the build bubbling and ready to burst as the anticipation winds high. “Radar” flips into a hoppy, jumpy beast as horns pump the mood as the bass blisters and bends with ferocious beats snapping between lively vocal blends. The breakdown breaths rewinding the vibes from the intro back around resurging for another ravishing round of a powerful beat down!



Resonating in the vibe “Komar” pulls more hip-hop inspired flavor into the build stuttering and swaying through the intro as the bass BOOMS through kicking the rhythm up a notch (or ten), trapped in full motion punching non-stop to the drop. A savage melody animates through cascading into a wicked composition with energetic basslines surging beneath perky beats to get the dance moving meticulously. Punchman slices and dices the vocal samples volleying as “Komar” stomps on bringing style and spicing up the blend, power emitting from every end! The momentum rides high keeping the energy in “Komar” swarming, bouncing through the mix, with focus on the details this tune is incredibly thick.

Grab Punchman’s “Radar” & “Komar” on Neuropunk Records HERE.


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