Pythius – Driveyard Ft. MC Kryptomedic (Original Mix) [Blackout]

by | Oct 25, 2015 | Tunes

Finally, after moving back to the city and getting back into a regular schedule, I’m breaking the silence. To celebrate the occasion, I’ve got a very big release from Blackout for you guys!

I’ve been following Pythius since his beginnings, and he’s been putting out quality music right from the start, which is why it comes to no surprise that Blackout signed him. Only this particular release caught my ear. The groove, the atmosphere and the originality of the sounds in this one blew my mind and knocked me on my back!

The amount of energy that this track generates got me hooked instantly. It’s definitely one of my favourite releases this year, and I’d even go to say it’s in my top 10 releases of the last 3 years.

I won’t say more, I’ll let you hear what I’m talking about.

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