Pythius – From The Future [Blackout Music NL]

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Tunes

Pythius is back again with a white hot new release on Blackout NL. Quickly recognized for his heavy style and tight fitting incorporation of melodies, Pythius has become a quick staple in the Neurofunk community. In this new release he unleashes “Akkoord” & “From The Future”, two quality tunes guaranteed to get your dance floor moving. My pick for review this week is the B-side “From The Future”. A drowning bass heavy selection that shows a new dimension of the budding producer.

“From The Future” opens with an 80’s feeling soundscape. Synths of all sizes set the mood and push the listener towards the first dance section. As the last bassy synth note is struck, its held and bends downward creating a widening gritty effect. The listener is thrown over board as they’re bombarded with huge drowning bass and the repeating vocal “From The Future”. Various synth elements are added through the measures keeping a constant change of color and mood as you progress through the tune.

Pythius’s work always creates a buzz. With his latest endeavor the trend remains the same. Be sure to take “From The Future” for a spin during your next gig and keep an ear on both Pythius and the Blackout NL camp.

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