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From the incredible record label that has been bringing you countless neurofunk anthems and next level production, Blackout NL and Pythius are back with a bone shredding new release. Pythius is one of those producers who recently came onto the scene with one banger after another. His style and sound design being so much more than ordinary. Once his arrival a few years back he’s made it clear that there will be no tiles left of the dancefloor once he’s done. Pythius joins up with the likes of Black Sun Empire, Neonlight, State Of Mind, DJ Hidden and Khronos.
This is the Heresey EP.

Starting off the EP with a monstrous collaboration between Blackout label bosses Black Sun Empire and himself the title track “Heresey” is born. The tune starts of with a pulsating low frequency synth and moves along in halftime drum fashion with a heavily sci fi influenced progression moving about in the background building a slew of tension. A brief moment of monstrous reese bass shatters the silence as its gargantuan in stature low sludging sounds wind until a vocal sample “HERESEY” can be heard shortly after. The tune drops into a gritty and neck-snapping bassline that is capable of removing clubs ceilings. Stay tuned for the second drop for a epic switch up.

Second in line Pythius and the legendary duo of space technologies Neonlight get together to create “Tarkin” a full on assault weapon on the dancefloor. “Tarkin” gets the groove going with a steppy halftime swing of percussion in the intro. As the drums break the tunes main lead is heard piercing the air and crawling right into your skin. Unique sound design is the name of the game in this tune with sounds you’ve never heard like this before. Into the drop the lead screams and cuts its way straight to your frontal lobe. The tune brings out all heat and razor sharp precision.

Co conspirators for this project entitled “Dirty Money” also include the consistent and always excellent boys from new Zealand, State of mind. Barreling metal style kick percussion reigns heavy in the intro with a sub bass packing enough punch to take the air right out of your lungs. The tunes screaming lead synths pitch up into a drop that unleashes a razor sharp cuts of energy. Dirty money switches up into a jump up inspired steppy synth pattern making sure to get your attention and continues to mutate forms as it progresses. The second drop blasts into a stomping halftime playground of bone crushing bass and face melting lead work.

Pythius and veteran producer in the realm of dark and hard D&B DJ Hidden make a jaw dropping entry into the Heresey EP. Right off the bat Pythius & DJ Hidden’s – Corrosive starts with full time pangy percussion in the mix. Technoid synths run rampant as the tune breaks out of the intro and into a chaos laden drop throwing you into a world of darkness and the drums pound away at your soul. Mere mortals need not apply for this one for this is not for the faint of heart. Banging and relentless basslines and percussion make this tune one of the hardest tracks off the EP and by far an excellent one.

Up and Comer “Khronos” is on duty with Pythius for the last tune of the Heresey EP. The tune Warlock appropriately named with its intros heavily mystical and enchanting but into a sea of black. Warlock quickly steps up its pace with the introduction of window shattering crisp and mean percussion. As the percussion stops trance like lead progressions ascend into the foreground building up the scene for an all out tale of astronomical proportions. Warlock rips up the mix with abrasive synths obliterating all in its path. Reverent sounds of the tunes main lead can be heard again reinforcing its place.

The Hersey EP is one of the biggest EP’s of the year hands down with such versatility in sound design and style. The caliber of production in this shows why every artist on here is or has been making waves in the Drum and Bass community. This will be getting rinsed by me for the near future and is ESSENTIAL tunes for your crate or at home. If you wanted the soundtrack to epic battles and futuristic stories look no further. The Heresey EP is out now on Blackout NL. Big up Pythius and Friends for this astounding work!

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