Pythius – Implant – Audio Remix (Blackout Music NL)

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Pythius – Implant (Audio Remix)

Hold on tight, Audio has just dropped a remix for the newest release, “Pythius Presents Turmoil Remixed Pt. 1,” on Blackout that does not miss. Right from the start, the remix of Implant is meticulously crafted to set a mood, a dark and menacing atmosphere punctuated by an ominous message: “domination”. You can feel the track building into the inevitable bass-face inducing drop that will make you move like nobody’s watching (or perhaps everyone’s watching because it’s just that good). Tightly programmed breaks lay down a relentless foundation. The entire remix is mixed perfectly – and without reservation. Everything sounds clear and distinct, but the bass still hits you in the chest.

This remix embodies chaos in its most beautiful form, and it’s already spreading through the drum and bass scene like wildfire. This track will absolutely command a rewind from any crowd.

This remix is part of a larger project from Pythius Presents Turmoil Remixed Pt. 1. Check it out on most streaming platforms today! Tracks from Hysta, Matrix & Futurebound, Primate, Enei, and Gydra are without a doubt guaranteed to be on repeat for days. Don’t sleep on this release!

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