Pythius – Monster Black Hole [Blackout NL]

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Tunes

Pythius returns! His heavy, melody laden productions have been shaking up the scene over the past few years. His one of a kind style has elevated his name quickly within the Neurofunk community. Appearing on Blackout NL is his first solo release of the year. “Monster Black Hole” is a high octane cut sure to put jaws on the floor and get feet moving.

“Monster Black Hole” opens with a cinematic soundscape. Synths and Pads build and create tension as it carries the listener to the first dance section. The “Monster Black Hole” vocal rings out as the listener is bombarded hectic drums and tearing bassline. The drums scattered arrangement creates a rushed feeling throughout the tune. The bassline’s in your face relentlessness makes “Monster Black Hole” a track that will be hard to miss.

If Pythius’s 2018 debut is any sign of whats to come, I for one and excited. His tracks are a great way to add color to sets and are always a great listening experience. His ability to blend heavy and melodic elements is currently unrivaled. Make sure you keep your ear on Pythius & the Blackout NL camp throughout 2018 and beyond!

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