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Hello again my friends! Today I share with you the newest by QO! We have Insectoid out now off one of the most exciting labels out there, Evolution Chamber. With mad releases already out this year they add to the arsenal. QO steps to the plate to stoke the fire. The Czech heavy weight and co-founder of Hoofbeats. He is well rooted in the scene from Let It Roll and labels like Eatbrain, Close 2 Death and Mindtech. And is one of the most consistent drum and bass artist for over a decade out of Czech Republic. This track is a reminder of his ability to drop the tech tactics.

Q & A with QO

Q: First off I’d like to ask how long have you been producing drum and bass?

A: I think I started to do something like “production attempts” around 14-15, that means 20+ years ago.

Q: What kind of genres have you been influenced and inspired by?

A: The main influence was Konflict – drum and bass. I always listened to all kinds of music, but what possibly can have influence on my production was mainly hip hop, rock, metal and electronic music, mainly techno.

Q: Where does the name QO originate from?

A: Back then, my dad has this collection of “Quo” magazine, nowadays it is called Maxim. I really loved to read “articles” in this mag. Also, I have been a part of a team in Counter Strike game, and everybody makes their nicknames really short in my team, so I just deleted “U” and the remains (QO) is with me till today. So the name originate from my love for girls and games.

Q: What was the inspiration for the track ‘Insectoid’?

A: The project was from the very beginning called “techstep 2023”. I generally think that drum and bass, as I see it, is mainly dancefloor music. I feel like there is a lot stuff coming out these days, too complex, not even dance -able at parties. So I wanted to make some interesting groove, with rolling drums. Not much of synths for a main part of the track, just drums and bass, as minimal as I can. Not to show of how cool basses I can make. Rather stick with working groove and just slight changes during the track. Even the name “Insectoid” ends with “oid” which is like an honor to “technoid” stuff. I used to really love hearing it at parties back then. Such as Raiden, Masheen, Current Value, Proket stuff.

Q: How long did you work on this particular track?

A: This one was quite quick to make composition wise. Took few mixdown version to finish as always. I believe that total time spent on that track is something around 10-15 hours of time.

Q: When can we expect another release by QO?

A: End of April. A collaboration with my Slovak friend Kutlo and Julia Marks. A track called Anima. This one has a big story to tell, way different than Insectoid! It is going to be released on our label Hoofbeats Music.

Q: Are there any artists you’d like to work with on a collaboration?

A: Of course! I was always a big fan of Magnetude for example. I know James for so many years and I strongly believe that this year, we can figure something out. I am currently starting another collaboration with The Clamps, and I would really love to make more tunes with Holotrope.

Q: What would you say separates you and other producers in terms of style? Or how would you describe the sound you’re looking to produce?

A: Tough question indeed. I think that this question should be answered by listeners, not me. It is nice to hear “yeah this is signature QO sound” but I have no idea how to describe it from my point of view. If I have to, I would say it is a mix of neurofunk and techstep with techno elements on the top.

Q: You also have your own label Hoofbeats Music. Can you tell us how that came about?

A: Absolutely! Back in 2015-2016, I was working for quite a time on an EP for Eatbrain. I did one at beginning of 2015 and it was a little part of that Eatbrain movement. Anyway the second EP took so long and I think Jade at that time, had already got future releases planned from bigger names. After many many emails without reply we finaly met on Let it Roll festival. He briefly told me he was not interested in that EP anymore and left. I can say it was not the best feeling on earth in that moment. It took me five seconds to say to myself fuck it, let’s start something where I will be the man who will make decisions about my music. At that time I had joined Hoofbeats crew. Which runs, safe to say the best drum and bass club nights in Czech Republic. So we just stuck with the name and started the label together with Computerartist and Joshua. I was happy with the tunes and I can say they did very well as the first releases on Hoofbeats Music. I am absolutely sure that Jade’s refusal was one of the best things that happened to me in my career. Every cloud has a silver lining! From that time, we released quite regularly. The biggest achievement was doing a VA LP “The Hoofbeats Family” which got some cool features like UKF, and we still havesome cool plans for future!

Q: With having your own label, what drew you to working with Evolution Chamber?

A: I knew James from Magnetude for idk, 13 years? Some time ago I asked him if he is able to do a Magnetude show for Hoofbeats Music night in Czech Rep. We end up in discussion about latest Joe Ford’s single Unforgiven what a masterpiece that is! As I mentioned before, I have a collaboration with Kutlo and Julia Marks coming out soon of Hoofbeats, which sound quite similar in terms of style. So I decided to send this to James to listen and give me some constructive feedback. I also this “Insectoid” and he immediately asked me if there is a chance of signing this one to Evolution Chamber. I said nah, I already had it planned to go out on Hoofbeats quite soon. But he was very persistent. I realized that since start of Hoofbeats Music, I’ve had a strange feeling of disconnection from the scene, and being in all same bubble. I discussed it with my wife. She told me give it to James. So I did. I am really happy about it. Feeling connected again. Thanks to James!

Q: With being from the Czech Republic, one of the most active territories for Drum and Bass. How would you describe the scene there?

A: Best on this planet. No doubt.

Insectoid was released last week and is available here.

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