Quadrant and Iris – Benzene [Vandal Records]

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Tunes

Since 2004 the fine folks over at Vandal Records have been releasing top notch dance floor oriented drum and bass from such acclaimed producers such as S.P.Y, L33, Nickbee, Random Movement, Philth, Nymfo, Billain, Gremlinz, and more. Now with the release of the Scattershot EP they are adding the husband and wife duo of Quadrant and Iris to their stable.

It is not a secret that these two are some of my favorite in drum and bass right now and this EP reinforces that. As one would expect, the EP is chock full of their signature, up beat and energetic sound. The stand out tune for me is Benzene. It builds slowly with ethereal pads and a simple break until the drop comes in with clean, pulsing, yet perfectly restrained sub bass. From there it just builds more and more with rising plucked synth notes, a distorted vocal wash and a return of the ethereal pads from the intro. Before you k now it, the tune is rolling along and taking no prisoners along the way.

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