Quadrant & Iris feat. Cease – Wirecutter [Commercial Suicide]

by | Sep 28, 2015 | Tunes

Two of my favorite things in drum and bass are tunes made by Quadrant and Iris, and the Commercial Suicide label. Lucky for me, they have teamed up along with Kid Hops for a new album entitled 206 that is set to see a full release this October. Ahead of the full release, Commercial Suicide has a released a 3 track sampler to wet all of our appetites. My initial thought was I would be reviewing the beautiful and lush “Eternal” as it features the talent of my favorite female vocalist in Drum and Bass, Collete Warren. Then I heard “Wirecutter “ and knew that was the one!

In their trademark sound, Quadrant and Iris, along with Cease deliver a slab of modern tek-step, roller funk. With top notch production and a natural sense for what moves a listener, whether it be at home, in a car, or a packed sweaty dancefloor, this one has all the boxes ticked. An effective stepper break, pulsing and throbbing bass line, a growling but subtle distorted midrange with sweeps through out to keep it moving along paired up with perfectly placed atmospherics and effects. A perfect example of techy, moody, funk that still has enough umpf to bring it home and make anyone who hears it nod along or go buck wild. With this being just the sampler, this makes me want the full release even that much more…

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