Quadrant & Iris – Stoic/Instinct/Calculated Risk (Sixfour Remix) [Dispatch Recordings]

by | Dec 13, 2020 | Tunes

Now I have been listening to a bunch of tunes from across the blue pond we call the Atlantic but it’s time to listen to US flavor, and what better way to do that than to listen to the newest release from America’s favorite power couple Quadrant & Iris. Always pushing some top-notch music, the Seattle couple has been pushing out tunes ever since the pandemic has started, never letting anything get in the way of this musical vision. For this latest release, we get some of that smoot American quality courtesy of Dispatch Recordings.

Getting off with a spectacular start, we have Stoic coming in hot with some slick steady drums. As the drums roll on, a perfect blend of pads, synths, faint vocals, and swirling white noise sets the tone for this stomper. The track progresses smoothly, with all elements of the track increasing in complexity, all the while still hold that classic vibe with modern sensibilities.

Next, we turn the up heat with the dramatic flair of Instinct. Starting with those lovely soaring pads, the then drops in some solid drum that sounds so good it as if you were listening to a real kit. The last bit of this three-course intro is brought to you by the lyrical prowess of Codebreaker before jumping into good ole drum and bass.  Starting off simple with those crisp drums and a grooving bassline, the track quickly morphs in complexity, with Codebreaker’s voice fluttering in and out and as reese synths basting.

As if that wasn’t enough, we get some sick remix duties coming from fellow Seattle native Sixfour, recreating Quadrant & Iris‘s track Calculated Risk. A boy is it’s one hell of a remix. Starting with soaring vocals and crisp drums, it hides the raw nature of this track. With an all-encompassing bassline and dramatic synths, this track gets launched into the stratosphere. With a reese bass that could cut through steel and rapid-fire percussion, this fast-paced roller will keep your feet moving all night long.

Showing that we Americans are a force to be reckoned with, Quadrant & Iris show why they are beloved worldwide. Make sure you grab your copy and see what all the fuss is about.




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