Quentin Hiatus – Brief History EP [PROGRAM]


Man of mystery Quentin Hiatus debuts his first EP on program records. Quentin hiatus has been cranking out quality tunes for the last 5+ years on some of the biggest record labels in the forward-thinking drum and bass scene. His ability to cover such ground in the realm of production with various Style and genre-bending techniques he has been a force to be reckoned with. He has also done a tremendous amount of work with free love digital that sometimes flies under the radar with huge amounts of quality releases. Let’s hop into his latest release the ” Brief History EP ”

The first track off the EP is a old School Rave influenced rollers with ” Better Never Dont” featuring some unique percussive elements and whirling soundscapes.

Next stop is “Over The Moon And Back” which features a spaced out blend of juke and halftime elements to keep the tune lively and pumping.

” Gabriel’s Conspiracy ” features a lush array textured soundscapes and stepping percussion.

“Didnt Wait long Enough ” gets into experimental blends of Half Time and more stepping behaviors paired with tripped out vocals and effects.


Last but not least ” interwoven ” is probably the most aggressive track from the entire EP starting its tone with techy and ravey leads that cut the atmosphere balanced with a marching halftime percussion and deep vocals.


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