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by | Feb 24, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

What’s up Best Drum & Bass readers!  Strex here!

Got a new review for you today in the form of a new release from R-Vee on D-LiQ Records.  

You’ll see from the banner at the top of the page, the artwork on this release is really cool!  Really well presented and vibrant colours!

The first track is the title track, B Random.  This is a nice melodic affair with lots of lovely synths and some brass instruments over the top to help top it off and a cool vocal is present to lift you through the awesomeness of the tune.  A wonderful tune to be the title of the release and a welcome return of R-Vee.

Next up we have ‘In The Flow’ which has an almost computer game feel to it like you’re taking your character through across a scenic landscape into a city where you want to explore.  The switch up in the tune is almost that bit when you get to the city, the groove changes as would your mood as you start exploring a new place.  It’s a brilliant tune that really got my imagination running wild!

The last tune on the EP is Pain to Power and has a more techy vibe from the off with the drum beat that’s been created here.  A really building intro which remains quite chilled out but gritty at the same time.  Then the breakdown before the drop stops the beat completely but you can still nod your head to it and into the drop which is a militant stomp almost with some wicked bongos and a lovely smooth bass line.  

All in all this is another great release from R-Vee and D-LiQ Records!  Get it bought when it drops on the 27th February!

Get your copy of Beatport:  https://www.beatport.com/label/d-liq-records/90717

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