R-Vee – In Focus EP [D-LiQ Records]


Summer is almost upon us, here in the UK anyway! Maybe not so much for those Down Under! What does that mean though? Summer tunes afoot! I’ve been sent R-Vee’s latest offering on the mighty liquid label, D-LiQ Records.

Knowing what else he’s brought us on D-LiQ we’re in for a treat! First up is the track ‘Do What I Please’. This starts with a nice muted beat akin to what you would hear behind the closed doors of a club as you eagerly await to get in. Some really nice synths which progress you along that have an almost 80’s vibe about them. This then leads you to a really nice breakdown before the drop of this awesome tune. Some stabby bass hits and a lovely downward bassline over the top. Almost a real mystery about this tune which helps you get right into the mood it brings you. A fantastic bit of production. Really looking forward to what the rest of the EP brings to me now with a start like this.

Next up is ‘In Focus’. This has a really summery vibe immediately as it resonates through my eardrums, really chilled and mellow but definitely got me reaching for the sun cream. The drop however is gritty and dirty to be quite honest, maintaining that summer feel to it but giving you some heavy hitting bass notes which got my face screwing up in appreciation. Well played R-Vee, that balance is just perfect.

Lastly we have ‘Time To Talk’ which begins with a subtle euphoric synth complimented with a crisp beat. A vocal comes in a little later on before the drop which adds to that classic euphoria before giving you a crescendo of silence just before the drop. A beautiful old skool vibe with the stabbing synth over the top. Again, we’ve got a fantastic compliment of mellowness and energy which would have you stepping all over the dancefloor.

Here’s some feedback by some wicked guys in the scene:

DJ Russ T from Eruption Radio says: I’ve been playing ‘in focus’ and ‘do what I please’. The EP is quality but don’t expect anything else from R Vee, It’s a 5/5 all day long.

SLB from Rise Radio says: Wicked ep! 4/5 banging tracks as always.

DJ Alfred from HTX says: R-Vee’s In Focus EP is a wonderful DJ friendly follow up release to his Take Me Away ep on D-LiQ records. In Focus EP tracks all have the signature lush atmospheric rolling sounds that R-Vee has released previously on Neville G’s label. Kudos to another beautifully sounding release. Cheers mate. Top notch Liquid DnB.

DJ Sunna from Bassdrive Radio says: In Focus EP sounding superb 🙂 always been a big fan of R-Vee’s work 5/5.

DJ Flavours from Different Drumz Radio says: Mate!! Tuuuuuunes!!! Bip ups to R-Vee and to you for sending me this EP! I rated each track then averaged those…my total is 4.6 stars. Excellect production throughout….R-Vee is a G! General vibe was energetic, deep, and summery…I loved it! ‘Time to Talk’ is my favourite 🙂 and I shall be including these tracks in my mixes in the coming months for sure! Thank you for including me in this promo! I very much enjoyed this EP…on the rewind as we speak!! Bless up!

This release will be available on 2nd June 2022, you can grab a copy here:


Listen to the clips below:



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