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by | Oct 13, 2021 | Interview

With a new release this week on D-LiQ Records, we sat down with R-Vee this week to ask him some questions.  Great guy and great release so I suggest you get out and buy it.  Link to our review below and where to buy!

So, how long have you been producing Liquid tunes now?

Probably 7 years now…

Have you ever branched into or considered any different sub-genres of Drum & Bass?

Well I’ve done the odd house and electro tune in the past DnB is always main deal…

Your new EP, Take Me Away, out this week on D-LiQ Records has quite an eclectic mix of different styles. Where did your inspiration for this release come from?

New Moon” was actually about a new moon, I think the moon holds some power…”walk to freedom” came about after listening to some afro house and “take me away” was inspired by my friend Beth’s vocals and lyrics.

What production software do you use to make your tunes?

Just Ableton V11 suite, never really got into plugins etc, I like to try to create my own sounds…

How long did Take Me Away take to produce? Were any tracks harder than others to get right?

It came together quickly as I was connected to the force, sometimes things just come together and fall into place…

My favourite track is New Moon from the EP, which one is your favourite and why?

I think “Take me Away” but I try to love everything I release, it a personal thing…

If you could remix any Drum & Bass tune that’s ever been released, what would it be and why?

Not sure really, maybe Adam F “Circles”

What’s next in store for R-Vee? Any releases you’re working on and any shows lined up?

Always working on something but currently in dry mode…no shows at mo but watch this space as they say…

Out now on D-LiQ Records: https://www.beatport.com/release/take-me-away/3534765

Our review: https://www.bestdrumandbass.com/r-vee-take-me-away-d-liq-records/

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Absolute D&B nut! Love any type of Drum & Bass really but Neuro is my main passion. I got into D&B back in around 2004 where I started going raving, I then discovered heavier D&B in the form of Renegade Hardware nights in London which I attended almost every one for several years. Having developed my listening style with how the music has evolved I love the freshest tunes as well as the old ones! I've been mixing for fun since around 2005 and just love playing in front of people and sharing the music with likeminded people.