R-Vee – Release The Pressure / Subliminal Soul [STAT]

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Tunes

Another healthy dose of sunshine and good vibe drum and bass jungle music coming from the STAT. headquarters. This time from the gentleman R-Vee. I’m absolutely loving the bits coming from this underdog label. If liquid funk is the motive, Vee‘s the captain of this ship. Bleeps to bloops, pianos and bongos, rolling drum and bass greatness.

Subliminal Soul

Two words. Soul food. Remember those bongos I was talking about? The perfect vocal to accompany them with I would have to say. Pure drum and lush business. This uplifting tuna with mood elevation on the breaks has me playing this release on repeat. Kind of goes to show that complexity is not necessary when making drum and bass jungle music. Sometimes the notion that you aim to deliver is as easy as saying “Keep It Simple Stupid”. Pure vibes on ‘Subliminal Soul’ and my top pick from this release.

Release The Pressure

Those bleeps and bloops I mentioned previously have arrived. Horns and bells included. Completing this two track EP with “Release The Pressure” is for the busy Junglist. Press play and move, you got places to go and people to see. Big city blue skies, vibes. The kind of tune that seems hectic but at the same time lets you know everything is going to be alright. If everything is alright you know what to do, leave your constructive criticism in the comment section and tell us how do you rate R-Vee?


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