R-Vee – Take Me Away – D-LiQ Records

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Tunes

Yes yes all! A new outing from R-Vee on my favourite liquid label, D-LiQ Records! This one is a three part collection of some beautiful vibes.

The title track ‘Take Me Away’ opens with a lovely soft synth which leads you to an awesome brass sound which places the drum beat into your ears wonderfully. The drop is sublime and has that brass again and the soft pulsing bass line which is like a muted bass guitar but provides warmth and relaxation to your listening. Even though this tune is so relaxing, it has a real edgy feel to it as well which lets you boogie and pull some serious moves to at the same time.

‘New Moon’ is up next. This one really has a gritty feel to the intro with some naughty little samples which sound a bit grimey if we’re honest. Then an amen break kicks into a vocal sample which offers up serenity until you hear those filthy little samples again. The drop has another pulsing bass but this time it’s a bit darker and those samples come back over the top with that really decent vocal. This one is designed to be played loud and live in a dark room with lots of flashing lights. I miss being in a club and this tune reminds me of that. Good or a bad thing? Definitely gets me wanting to be back on the dance floor more than anything!

The last track on this release is ‘Walk to Freedom’. This has a really muted snare on the intro which sounds like a little scratch. Some awesome bongos, whistles and bells ring out over the top of this intro which gives you mixed emotions as to how this tune is going to pan out, is it going to be ravey, jungle-ey or just downright dirty? I can tell you, it’s the latter as this tune, although a chilled affair it has a real grit to it with a bouncy bass and wicked breaks. It’s almost a fun but dirty tune all at the same time. Very impressed. You could play this in a club or a coffee shop and it wouldn’t be out of place in either.

Another outstanding release from R-Vee, you can pick this up from D-LiQ records on 11th October 2021.  I suggest you get yourself a copy.



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