R-Vee – Time Goes By [D-LiQ Records]


It’s another release from the upcoming liquid imprint, D-LiQ Records, this time from R-Vee, a label staple who has already released some fantastic music in the last year such as the wonderful ‘Your Style LP’.

The next offering from this awesome artist is a 3 track EP which released earlier this month.

The first track is ‘Do Without You’ which has a natty guitar riff to mellow you through the intro with some cool lazy sounding drums, I mean that in a good sense as they take you through the tune in a lumbering but purposeful way. On the drop, the music is a chilled affair which has a smooth bassline and brings that lovely guitar riff back in. You could really kick back to this tune laying on the grass on a hot summers day and let all of your troubles melt away.

The next track is a bit more lively, immediately hitting you with an awesome amen break, rolling through a cool intro. Named ‘Levelled Out’ the drop is gritty and smashes out a nice dark, almost old skool bassline and some samples that sound akin to early jungle rhythms and hardcore tunes, you really could picture yourself at a dark underground rave, stepping at the front until your feet are worn out. I love this track and would love to hear it played out live. Let’s hope the events start happening again soon and I will get my chance to hear it loud and proud!

Last but not least is ‘Time Goes By’ What a stinker! You wouldn’t know it from the intro as it sounds quite calm although nice and rolling. The silence before the drop makes you wonder what’s going to happen next and when it hits you with the down turning bass and rhythmic drum pattern you know you’re in for a rough ride. A real stepper which finishes this EP off brilliantly. I like these last two tracks just as much as each other and again I’d love to hear this live, both have their place on the dancefloor taking you to wicked levels of energy.

A great release from R-Vee, keep an eye out for him and more great music from D-LiQ Records.

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