Ramm Out – Beat Assassins Ft. SiFu Chan (D’Silva Remix)

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Tunes

D’Silva is back with some more of that heavy drum and bass for your life. The track “Ramm Out” was originally done by the Beat Assassins featuring SiFu, carrying a jump up like, jungle vibe with SiFu on the lyrical tip. The Remix is almost the exact opposite of that, going a bit faster on the pace, with a drum line that has an interesting but aggressive swing, almost holding back some of the momentum at times, but breaking right in time to put your right back in the swing of things. MOFO Recordings is moving right along with bringing D’Silva to the table, who is in my humble opinion one of the most talented newcomers to the drum and bass genre. What stuck out to me about this tune and D’Silva as a producer, is the old school influence I hear. Bad Company Uk, Hive, Tech Itch… those types of feelings and production style from a song, but the influence is only visible enough to guess that D’Silva listened to good music when learning about drum and bass, because he is big part of the new evolution of that very sound. with out a doubt this remix is full throttle drum and bass and will catch you off guard in a good way. Its available now on all legit digital retail outlets. buy it and play it loud!

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Mike Silvestri (DJ Contrast) has been involved with jungle/drum and bass in one way or another since the mid 90's. From Denver to California he has played in the top clubs in the country on and still does on a consistent basis, holding a residencies down in LA at Fluid D&B and in Orange County at Upgrade DNB. Writing is also a interest of his contributing to many Drum and Bass blogs and websites as well as the being the co host of the Upgrade D&B Podcast. you can follow and find out more at www.facebook.com/djcontrast