Raulie Smilez – Haunted

by | Feb 11, 2023 | Tunes

Greetings fellow drum and bass listeners. Today I share a new drum and bass track released by Raulie Smilez. This one is Haunted. The up and coming producer is from Laredo TX. First starting off as a DJ. Playing small house parties and gatherings. He looked to further his ventures to play in more populated cities. Then a few years later moved to bigger places playing at clubs in San Antonio and Austin. After a bit of DJing he started his production journey around 2020 with house music. By 2021 he had released his first track. Steadily shaping his sound in hardcore dance music. Soon over the years he began to grow an appreciation for drum and bass. Finding inspiration from one of his favorites of the genre Netsky attending one of his recent shows in Texas. With the dedication he has for music production I can’t wait to hear more drum and bass from his stand point as he continues to grows.

Haunted is an emotional feeling. Starting off with a clean and smooth underlying sub bass setting a somber mood. Coming into a small build introducing the kick and a snappy snare. Then at the drop we hear the melody joined with the drums and sliced vocal. Now adding to the vibe we hear a wavering synth and one shot sound effect accentuating the kick and bass hits. Continuing to the break more emotion is added to the returning vocal with more synth. So now coming back to the drop turns into a kind of hardcore style. With four on the floor kicks and arrangement before returning to the drum and bass finish. Haunted is free to download on Sound Cloud.

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