Rawtee – Junk Funk [Free Download]


When it comes to stateside Jump Up Drum and Bass, Rawtee is a badman synonymous with the genre. A quickly up and coming producer from California, his work is on par with the heavy hitters in the UK. Junk Funk, a free download at 4,000 Soundcloud followers, is another tune in what seems to be an endless amount of heaters in his arsenal. A serious piece of work to give away for free, the sonic ruckus coming at the drop by way a filthy modulated synth. With releases on Grid, System Shock, Play Me and the like, you can expect a lot more coming from the Los Angeles producer. If you like this tune, go grab a copy of his new release ‘Higher Ground’, on JunoDownload via Hocus Pocus Recordings! Rawtee is a few hundred followers away, give him a follow and lock into social media for the release date.

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