Ray Keith vs Demolition Man – 3rd Eye [Dread Recordings]

by | Mar 11, 2023 | Tunes

Hello drum and bass crew! It’s been a little over a year since my first article on Best Drum and Bass featuring the man Ray Keith. To celebrate I share with you his latest up coming release versus Demolition Man titled 3rd Eye on Dread Recordings. As you know Ray Keith is comes from the old school days of drum and bass. As does the one like Demolition Man. With releases going all the way back to the late 90’s. The sound that these men have cultivated has continued to move forward. Steadily pumping the waves to floor. Getting the people moving to the sound of drum and bass. From a time when there not many sub genres to pick from.

3rd Eye keeps it proper. Starting of with a classic atmosphere, low passed kick and snare and a small break that gets quickly pitched higher and higher. Going into a reversed cymbal to start off the vocals layered with a sound effect one shot. Giving you the feeling your in a warehouse rave from when it all began. Then soon after a few bars booming sound of the sub bassline sets in with drums. Flowing to a short break enter amen breaks. The track continues teasing the amen layered over the end of the phrases and more throughout till the end. This track will be released exclusively on the 17th on Juno and later the full digital release will be available on the 24th.

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