Rebel Scum – Violence EP (Space Yacht)

by | Oct 17, 2021 | Reviews

Back in the 90’s the rainy cold lands of Seattle U.S. started a path for independent music and kinda blew out when Grunge music received big attention worldwide. This phenomenon left a seed in town which combined with the electronic music rave scene from the late 2000’s became a cradle for heavy music specially for Drum and Bass and Dubstep. As time goes by the constant evolution and fusion of both genres give place for electronic music to approach a bigger and younger audience.

With some serious releases in main labels like Play Me, SubCarbon, or Impossible Records to name a few, “Rebel Scum” is representing this new wave hard sound with many face melting tunes that are becoming game changers for the genre.

On this occasion Los Angele`s Record label “Space Yacht” opens the door to release his brand new EP “Violence” with 3 banger tracks that will blow your head off.


Starting the journey we find “Running” a massive song full of melodic crystal synths that are already a trademark on his own sound followed by a high pitched voice that easily brings up the build up and remains right on top for the upcoming drop that catches you by surprise with a storm reese bassline in between a stabby synth and a cranky growl, all on top of upbeat drums making this tune a complete beast for the dancefloor.

And then comes “Violence” the second byte in this EP that easily involves you with a mighty arpeggiator and elevating fx´s until a classic delayed voice open the gate for the impact in the drop, which I like a lot due to the fact that starts only with the kick drum and the cutting bassline, until it charges and ads the snare to give the broken sound vibe to it. And of course, another signature move on Rebel`s tracks is that the second part of the drop goes straight into Drumstep feel and back to DnB, making the song very accurate for some kickass crowd control.

The third and last part of the release is way different, with claps on the drums and another dose of melodic arps that slowly filter in and out taking you to a minimal but heavy drop more in the vein of modern “Roller” DnB, fulfilled with a screaming bassline and gigantic horns that make it n energetic plus catchy tune. Is not surprising that it`s premiere was supported by the already known Youtube channel/label “Skank and Bass”.

Is always really dope to hear this kind of artists experimenting way more with Drum and Bass sounds and taking their musical concept to a whole new level, if this kind of productions keep seeing the light, probably the U.S. heavy bass producers will gain more space growing beyond Riddim or Trap and start aiming towards the European type of sounds as both scenes have a lot to share.


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