RedPill – Follow The Reaper [BadTaste]

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Tunes

The French badman known as RedPill is back this time with an absolute belter of an EP on Bad Taste Recordings. RedPill has been consistently cranking out some top notch tunes in the realm of the neurosphere as of recent. Presenting his no holds barred style and aggressive yet tastefully programmed style of neuro these tunes are sure to rock any dance floor around the globe. Lets hop into the title track off of the “Follow The Reaper EP”.

Follower The Reaper starts its tone of destruction with creeping layered atmospherics and metallic whirr’s as sharp hi hats’s can be heard off the gate, Hard hitting percussion shatters the calm as it devilishly stomps into the arena. The intro continues to progress with a creeping chime painting a an overtone of sinister intent before shattering the atmosphere with a prodigous sweeping of reese bass triggering the sirens of hell. Follower the Reaper maintains suit and drops into a razor sharp mixdown of ominous and perverse bass pummeling the crowd into pieces as the tune takes its toll.

The entire Follow The Reaper EP is out now on Bad Taste Recordings and his a force to be reckoned with. This ones going in the bag.

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