RedPill & Fragz – Transform [EATBRAIN]

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Tunes

Redpill is hungry and out for blood, Infected with the Eatbrain virus our top neurologists have confirmed that this is a serious case and could quickly spread to outbreak levels of infection around the Western European sector. Chief outbreaks experts urge caution when walking around at night when the Warchief can be out hunting. If you hear the “Call Of The Warchief” Experts advise turning your stereo up to 11 and to RUN.

Redpill is taking no prisoners with the release of his latest EP on the wicked Eatbrain Recordings, a leading science team of Neuro-Sonic Weaponry experts and Wizards alike. A Deadly offering has been made and it comes in the form of an 6 Track serrated grin ready to sink its teeth into all in its path. Redpill has teamed up with Fragz for todays subject in question “Transform”

Transform ominously starts life with creeping and dreading atmospheres that will raise the hair on your arms and make you look under your bed. The percussion ticks as it awakens and sets its sights on the moon, before barreling into a blood curdling twisting of deep winding reese bass. Transform hurdles into the drop with ten ton might blasting all in its its path. Thick percussion matched to grinding lead synths shred the atmosphere into pieces as clever fills keep the excitement alive. The tune winds down into the break before unleashing its arsenal once more into the soundscape.

This ones out now on Eatbrain! Listen to it here!


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