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‘Genesis’, the debut album from Redpill, is now available on Blackout Music and it’s time to take the sonic journey through this monumental LP which displays a refined approach to writing music with precise detail in this genre bending, mind blowing display of creatively artistic, mechanically styled DNB. Twelve tracks span the soundscapes of modern drum and bass music and beyond with a cyborg kick that is thicker than thick. ‘Genesis’ is a fully immersive experience and has been receiving raving feedback as it simmers in the massive support of the scene. Let’s get inside the technical mind of Redpill and the glorious adventure intertwined into the ‘Genesis LP’!


Coppa slides in fierce with a feisty intro on the album in a vicious verse emitting his iconic rude boy flow that primes the build for a ferocious drop kicking off this album with a BANG! Dangerous basslines sprawl amidst cuts of vocals and a burly beat to initiate the entry into “Genesis”. Redpill and Coppa set it up with a strong start to grab attention and ensnare the listener into this album’s entire experience.


The build ticks timidly to life with a wobbly sway, a mechanical cut buzzes in with an aggressive snap winding things up. “Shake It” drops big, booming and broken, dubby basslines crash and flow pungently amidst sinister beats amplified with a rapid fire flare blasting unforgivingly in this hefty neuro crossbreed.


The intro swirls in with a hyped up vocal cut to amp it up as the build winds tighter pulling in the drop. A barrage of beats attacks vehemently, punchy and severed as they flip and switch keeping the composition fresh. Hollow basslines pump the adrenaline to harrowing heights in “Formalities” fearless futuristic driven design.


Soft vocals from Anna Vaverkova slink through the build, climbing elegantly amidst a cinematic vibe that entices the mystery behind this history to this story. The drop softly suffocates with smooth synths and deep bas paired with pristine high end vibes to keep the mood alive. “Let Go” is the perfect pick to slide in the mix with elegant energy to tantalize the dance.


Tension rides thick as the track fills in, the verse from Virus Syndicate taking the spotlight with its dramatic, devious drive. The build simmers anxiously awaiting to attack when the drop blasts in with a beastly, rumbling beat that triggers pure anarchy tumbling through the measures as the bassline surges and snaps below. A killer collaboration between innovative minds both Black Sun Empire and Redpill’s styles combine flawlessly to control the essence of the mix. Quick cuts slice the vocals in and out of the composition winding down to a serene breakdown that tiptoes through a sentimental verse as the “Executionist” returns for another face stomp at the second drop unleashing heavy artillery on the dance.


A steady beat stabs through the build skipping in with a stuttered vocal sample for a bit of a tease through the intro getting ready to “Slap the Bassline” with a bassy, bubbly drop. Dipping dangerously out of the realm of common DNB an angry energy surges through the mix grinding and raising the mysterious energy into the dance. “Slap the Bassline” is an aggressive yet soothing soundscape for a full on bass face.


The intro strums to life stuttering through the strings as screechy highs scream amidst scattered beats increasing the intensity flying into the drop. A neurofunk beast is unleashed boasting monsterous broken beats and colossal bass design with a fluid flowing fierce punch. The second drop on “Flashpoint” flips the script with a super switch to pummel the floor with a nasty hit!


An angry mood fumes as it smolders in growls searching for the drop. “Deus Ex Machina” unfolds into an upbeat composition with aggressive cyber energy chugging through the phrases. Full beats and a banging bassline with superior focus on the technical bits this one stabs through the mix with its evil, dark hits.


“Frogs” with Burr Oak is quite the collab, hopping through the build with dripping wet beats and cinematic pads it engulfs the essence of the track popping into the drop working a bouncy, dark energy with the bassline that lurks dangerously below dipping and diving into the bellows between the broken beats of machine gun heat! “Frogs” is one beastly blend of creative artistry that can’t be beat.


A mechanical intro chugs to life teasing the darkness amidst gentle melodies cascading anxiously to the drop with a slightly softer vibe emitting through “Extinction”. A bubbly composition brings a smooth groove to life with a dance floor friendly feeling as the beats roll flawlessly with a warm bassline to caress the flow. Redpill is bringing all the drum and bass flavors into this LP as his skills continue to grow!


A tingle ticks through the build with deeps synths and a tribal vibe on the rhythm winding through a short narrative in “Interlinked” with Ed Rush, amping the energy to the drop. Grizzly bass roars and drills deep amidst a steppy, broken beat. The effects are scattered and stab from the darkness with dark energy driving on; flipping, morphing and changing as the composition grows. “Interlinked” is a sweet treat of grungy, gritty, techy, neuro heat.


Wrapping up the ‘Genesis LP’ “Relentless” steams in with a mean, steamy energy building furiously on hectic highs, punchy bass and an all out assault on the drums blasting monstrously. The drop explodes twisting and twirling through a whirlwind of DNB as the bass dips and dives driving through the composition with stabbing, forceful beats. “Relentless” is the perfect conclusion to Redpill’s extraordinarily produced LP.

The ‘Genesis LP’ from Redpill is out NOW be sure to check this one out on Blackout Music. CLICK HERE to get your copy!

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