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by | Aug 26, 2020 | Tunes

Smashing the sound waves this week is the ‘Mosh Pit EP’ from Redpill on Eatbrain, a savage selection full of tenacious tracks packing plenty of heat to shatter the mix. If you’re looking for some hefty neurofunk to beef up your collection, the ‘Mosh Pit EP’ is it!

The title track “Mosh Pit” engages a militant cinematic intro that savagely flips to mutant bass threatening disaster at the drop. Hard hitting snares and heavily processed vocal effects consume the rhythm as the bloodthirsty highs run wild over barbaric basslines. A longer composition on “Mosh Pit” creates ample time for thick transitions and Redpill injects a ruthless flip when violence enters the mix.

“Negativity” carries the callous vibe of the ‘Mosh Pit EP’ winding up on harmonious keys, a monster in disguise, as a tinge of darkness hangs heavy in the air. Evil whispers rustle in the shadows as “Negativity” builds to a snappy break before pummelling when the bass kicks. Intricate design on the drums creates a loud crisp mix as the menacing bassline growls deep utilizing breaks and twists to bring color to the mix. The underlying vocal snarls sinisterly in the dark depths, amplifying the bass design making “Negativity” a powerful pick to stick in the mix.

Redpill and Magnetude synergize on “Air Strike” combining their styles to inflict maximum destruction to the airwaves. A nefariously orchestrated intro kicks in heavy as assertive beats snap in over a smooth ensemble of strings and pads supported by fierce effects advancing intently toward the battlefield that is “Air Strike”. Attacking with maximum firepower machine gun snares fire rapidly as absolutely bonkers bass grinds furiously into action. “Air Strike” is an assertive composition merging the features from both Magnetude and Redpill’s styles to create a fierce neurofunk narrative for the masses.

Utter madness is one way to sum up the last track from the ‘Mosh Pit EP’, “Down the Pit”. A slow, bewildering build crawls toward the drop ‘HEY KIDS WHERE YA AT’ the last call before diving head first into fascinating dubby, dirty, robotic basslines that scream in half time hard, heavy and hypnotic when out of nowhere the tempo flips disorderly into an unhinged craze building furiously with every kick spiking the energy through the roof. “Down the Pit” is a perfect segue between sub-genres or a real head turner playing to a diverse crowd.

‘Mosh Pit EP’ shocks the scene 08.28.2020 pre-order your copy on Beatport today!

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