Refresh Your Set – Top TEN Drum & Bass Tracks Of August 2018

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With the end of the year drawing near and summer coming to an end its time to “Refresh Your Set” with some of latest bits that Drum And Bass music has to offer. August’s Chart is fully loaded with the darker, more aggressive side of Jungle, Jump Up and of course Drum And Bass. Last months chart for July consisted off Pleasure, Tantrum Desire, Subsonic as well as a few others. This month Modified Motion charts for a second time after releasing the second part of the Zodiac Files. Pish Posh, Levela and Current Value help complete this months Beatport Chart so lets take a listen to what else we have in no particular order what should be in your rekordbox playlist this August!

  1. Mob Tactics – Crazy Hype (Annix Remix) – Playaz Recordings – PLAYAZ090D
  2. As if Mad Run wasn’t already an absolute belter. To get the best review possible head on over to Chelsea, Best Drum And Bass Columnist’s review about the matter for a more in-depth perspective.

  3. Modified Motion – Mr. Freeze – Dynamic Audio – DAUK024
  4. Last month on Part One from the “Zodiac Files” Modified Motion started off our list with Disphixia. Expect the same rolling momentum on Mr. Freeze as the majority of the tracks on both part one and part two are produced. Nice full bass line to the tempo of one-seventy-five with the boom-pip of your standard syncopation of beats, pure golden age Jump Up Drum And Bass at its finest.

  5. Pish Posh – Gristle – Digital Terror Recordings – DTR070
  6. Not only did something techy and neurofunk-esk make this months chart. Pish Posh is an American and a staple in American Drum And Bass music scene. I was absolutely thrilled when this release landed on the shelves as I highly rate Digital Terror sound men. But seeing how both originate from the lovely state of New York it really seems fitting. This tune made my list because it really takes me back to when I was first starting to ingest Drum And Bass Jungle music. The darker, heavier big drum that was consistently rolling from start to finish. Stuff that Gridlok and Kevin Cunningham would produce. This tune is everything you could want from start to finish, take me back business.

  7. Levela – Error – Technique Recordings – TECH180
  8. Error charted this month because hands down, bottom of this mans opinionated heart. This extended play is the best production of Levela music I have ever heard in my life and I have been put on his music since some of the earliest releases off Multi-Function. Banging two track extended play out on Technique if you know what is good for you.

  9. Kanine – Bloody Knuckles – Low Down Deep Recordings – LDD099
  10. Low Down Deep’s 100th release is just around the corner just in time for fall raving season. Simula’s Moonwalk and Kanine’s Bloody Knuckles landed on digital shelves as samplers teasing the biggest forthcoming album from Low Down Deep too date. Pre-Order The 100th Low Down Deep Release Today!

  11. MC Toddlah, Shadre, Salvage – Blend – G13 Recordings – G13056
  12. I most recently started to collect G13 Recordings to try to veer off a different path. Different is good and so is “Blend“. I can’t speak much on Sharde or Salvage but for now I rate the tune and the label, these artists have my attention as they should yours.

  13. Saxxon, T>I feat. Blackout JA – Ganja Dance – Liondub International – LNDB028
  14. Man, this collaboration between T>I and Saxxon was a long time coming. I have been raving and ranting about T>I’s bits on since his two part release on Serial Killaz. Back in June I covered Saxxon’s BAD A.I EP and thoroughly enjoyed what he brought forth to Digital Terror. To have these two on a track is an absolute blessing.

  15. Current Value – Of Truth – Souped Up Recordings – SOUP0009
  16. The Souped Up Record Label have been making waves all twenty-eighteen and I have been covering since the beginning. All while sticking to the Souped Formula, Current Value provides an very fast paced but also very spacious take on Drum And Bass with this extended play. Of Truth definitely hits the spot for me.

  17. Euphonique – Damage – Murky Digital – MURKLP002
  18. With a big time rave stomper, true to the Murky Digital nature of things. an artist that came upon my radar thanks to the Turbid Transcendence (Part Two). The label first got a highlight on this website around this same time last year T>I’s Gorgon VIP. Waiting patiently for more Murky releases, I copped Part One not that long ago. Part Two has many great tunes but when it came to this months Beatport Chart Mix it was absolutely fitting.

  19. Kings Of The Rollers – Euphoria – Hospital Recordings – NHS338DD
  20. Such a wonderful orchestrated cinematic-esk intro, Kings Of The Rollers is giving something back to Drum And Bass that has been missing for a quite some time, what better place than Hospital Recordings. Bladerunner, Voltage and Serum make up this devastating trio and will complete your playlist on any given occasion.

Below is a mix that features the music charted on my Beatport list for the month of August. Please feel free to favorite and comment on the mix and share this article. It is all about support and Mixcloud does a great job at linking listeners to the music. So supporting the mix also supports the artists featured. Support is something that certain areas of the music scene lack. Hopefully this list encourages you to buy and support the artist you love and maybe make a chart of your own.

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