Refresh Your Set – Top TEN Drum & Bass Tracks Of July 2018

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At the end of every month I, Brandon ‘dEEb’ Bean compile, review and mix a monthly Beatport Chart supporting all the labels that support myself and us here at The month of July’s chart consists of current and classic Jump Up Drum & Bass music from some of the leading labels in sound. A list in no particular order compiled of a few ‘up and comers’ alongside living legends tunes from the likes of Modified Motion, Pleasure, Sub Killaz, Tantrum Desire, Subsonic and more so lets take a listen.

  1. Modified Motion – Disphixia – Dynamic Audio – DAUK022
  2. The Zodiac Files: Part 1 is exactly what Drum And Bass needs right now, a blast from the past. A reminder that things do age and some age better than others. I have personally rated Modified Motion and Faction both since my first ever real introduction to Drum And Bass so to bring back some classics and make them nice and full again for the current generation to rinse out is an absolute honor to play out.

  3. Dominator – History Making VIP – Low Down Deep – LDDR097
  4. You can stumble across my personal mixcloud profile and listen to endless mixes that featured the original mixdown of “History Making” and I was fullfilled to hear that the VIP made it to Low Down Deep. You can catch The Review Of “History Making VIP” and A.M.C’s “Bomb Squad VIP” right here.

  5. Sub Zero, Limited – Can’t Go To Sleep – Playaz – PLAYAZ089D
  6. Absolutely large single from the collaborative efforts of Sub Zero and Limited. This is a war tune. Alarms, layer amen clash with a kick that punches straight through your chest. Believe me when I say this track is nice and full, a fine addition to your rekordbox playlist.

  7. Telekom, Woodz – Logic – Biological Beats – BIODIGI0091
  8. Telekom never messes around with his productions, straight to business with this tune out on Biological Beats featuring Woodz. All murky Jump Up Drum And Bass material on his collaboration extended play Konnected with Flat-T, Mega and more. This is a signal boost, cop this entire release.

  9. Bou, Stompz – No Love – Souped Up – SOUP0008
  10. Not that long ago I sat down with Stompz and talked about an absolutely large EP on Digital Terror. Catching my attention again is the project file called “No Love” on Souped Up, which was a group effort with the likes of Bou. You can hear more of Bou’s tunes with Current Value and Serum on his Habibi EP!

  11. Subsonic – Shaolin – Subway Soundz – SSLD030
  12. Filth from Subsonic on Subway Soundz. A few weeks ago we talked about his Shaolin EP that is out right now. The extended play in full really captures the overall theme of the release and I encourage you to check out the rest right here.

  13. Pleasure – Scrap Metal VIP – Killer Bytes – BYTE012
  14. A nifty little variant in production from Pleasure on his label Killer Bytes. Aggressive, stompy, wonky dance floor Drum And Bass music. I would never turn away a VIP and this tune is no exception to the rule. Very large Taxman Remix on the flip so be sure to grab both.

  15. Tantrum Desire – Vybez – Technique – TECH179
  16. Tantrum Desire fell off the map with me personally. I respect the direction he took his sound when the quality of production in Drum And Bass progressed forward in the last eight years but I just was not feeling it at the time. This track on the latest Technique release is exactly what I needed to restore that bind that once was.

  17. Sub Killaz – Dancers – Sweet Tooth – SWEET034
  18. Finding their way into my list would be the duo Sub Killaz and their title tune off the Dancers EP on Sweet Tooth Recordings. I highly rate the label so a feature for these guys was a must. Personally, if you are looking for that big room festival type sound check out the remainder of this release

  19. Sentive – Sunken Place – Dub Voltage – DUBVOLTAGE086
  20. Last and final tune on my list for the month comes from Sentive a tune and release from a label that almost slipped right under my radar. Dub Voltage tunes are unique and stray away from what would be thought of the norm for Jump Up Drum And Bass music. If you want variety in your sound, especially in Jump Up check out this whole release there might be something just for you.

Below is a mix that features the music charted on my Beatport list for the month of July. Please feel free to favorite and comment on the mix and share this article. It is all about support and Mixcloud does a great job at linking listeners to the music. So supporting the mix also supports the artists featured. Support is something that certain areas of the music scene lack. Hopefully this list encourages you to buy and support the artist you love and maybe make a chart of your own.

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