Rene Lavice – Richter Scale [RAM]

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Tunes

The Canadian bad boy Rene Lavice has been making serious waves in the Drum & Bass scene in recent years with his huge cinematic tunes. It was apparent from the start of his career he was out to make a name for himself. Rene is crushing 2016 with no surprise as the release of Richter scale is here.

Richter scale starts of with a glistening and bright soundscape that puts you in a place of tranquility and ambience at the beginning. A bell like tone rings out a slightly ” up to no good” sound which leads you into a crashing swoop to silence.. Electrifying and hair-raising synths backed by a hefty kick lead the procession as the build continues to edge on. Exacting pressure by the drum line slams into a white knuckle fury of the drop. Hammer like percussion swings away like a unchained beast paired with a gargantuan bassline pummeling away like its a weapon. Sharp laser like lead synths dance away in the foreground as the tune progresses. Rene’s signature style really shines through in another theatrical belter off a tune.

This is one of my favorite releases of the past few months. Be sure to catch this one destroying dancefloors all over the globe. Richter Scale is out now on RAM Records! Snag this one up!

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